weekend away

I love my kids, just love them.

We snuck off to PA for the weekend to see Daughters #1 and #3, as well as do some research and speak to some college classes. We ate a lot of good food, hung out with the girls and their friends, and laughed until our sides ached. They were a blast when they were babies and little kids, but I had no idea how much more fun they would be when they grew up. Life is very good.

Thank you to all the students and professors at Millersville University who made my day there so much fun. (if you are looking for a college, gentle reader, you should take a look at M’ville.)

And so…. Davidson…. ::wipes tears from eyes:: … I guess I have to say “Rock chalk!” and summon new-found love for the Jayhawks. Let the Madness continue!!

What is the whole “rock chalk” thing, anyway? Can someone please educate me?

It’s been a while since I updated my resolutions. I’ve had to cut back on running a little because of a very sore hamstring, but it’s healing nicely. Might try to run outside today – I am really sick of the treadmill.

2008 Resolution Tracker
Week 13 – Miles Run: 10, YTD: 258.25
Week 13 – Days Written: 7, YTD: 91

Back to revision!

My New Team: Meet Mr. Cat

Thank you very much for all the comments yesterday. I fasted, I slept, I looked to the stars for guidance and I have decided to support….

Davidson College: “Where Hoops and Books Coexist”. Even though they are located in you-know-where.

And if, by some strange chance, they get beat, I’ll support whoever beats them, and whoever beats them, etc.

(Really I just want to make muffins for my Hoyas. Maybe some chicken soup, too.)

One question: the Davidson mascot is a guy named Mr. Cat. (I did not make that up.) So am I supposed to yell “Go, you Mr. Cats!”? Are they Hep Cats? Ferocious Felines? They sure as heck beat the tar out of the Georgetown bulldog. Here is my first official taunt as a Davidson Cat: Hey, Barry! Your Jayhawks? Going down, man! Kitties rule over birdies every time!

(OK, that was a little lame, but I’m new at this.)

Wait – we have to get past Wisconsin before we sink our fangs into Kansas. Do kitties rule over badgers?

Tab closing time: check out author Anne Bustard’s Anneographies blog which highlights picture book biographies by the birthday of the central character. My hero, Sarah Josepha Hale is there on October 24th – so is the book I wrote about her! (I’m pretty sure I got the link from Cynthia Leitich Smith, another great Austinite.)

Want to know why people go into the high-paying, glamorous world of bookselling? Check out the ABA’s March Carnival of Bookselling.

I am officially back in the Cave of Revision (have been all week), so pardon me if the posts for the next couple of weeks get a little weird.

Moving from denial to acceptance

Sharp-eyed readers will notice that I have not been able to bring myself to post about my beloved Hoya’s loss to Davidson in the NCAA basketball tournament this weekend.

::chokes back sob::

That’s because it HURTS! They lost! My boys lost! Oh, they tried so hard!! And to Davidson? Where is Davidson, exactly?

Hang on…. I need a moment here…

::flings self on floor, pounds fists, scares dog::
::gathers self::

God, I hate reality sometimes.

OK. Georgetown lost. North Carolina continues to steamroll the opposition. (Yes, Sarah Dessen’s library gets a free copy of my new book when it comes out because, sigh, her team is clearly superior to mine this year. There. I said it.)

So here’s my question for you: which team do I cheer on now? I am teamless. Help!

Slinkety Link Day

The lung dragon is threatening to attack again, I’m having trouble sleeping, and I have doctors’ appointments today. It snowed again yesterday. Just a little, but it was still snow.

I am officially Miss CrankyPants.

So instead of whining, I will give you fun links.

Stephanie Anderson writes Bookavore, a hell of a good book blog. She works at an independent bookstore and reads faster and more critically than anyone I know. Including me. And yes, she’s my oldest kid. So read her blog and link to it, OK?

Stef and Editorial Anonymous both pointed out an awesome site for writers in need of shirts.

At what age does childhood end?

Georgetown made it. Syracuse didn’t. I suspect that Sarah Dessen is itching to make our bet again and I’m so there. LET THE MADNESS BEGIN!!!

More good news? TWISTED was named as a New York Public Library Book for the Teen Age. If I could breathe, I’d be jumping up and down about this.

Last but nor least, today we celebrate my Irish ancestors who hopped the boat to escape the Famine.Thank you, Grandpa Donovan. It turned out well for us, didn’t it?