7 Replies to “Wow!”

  1. Better watch out for that birdie you’re calling!!!

    ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK KU!!!!!! (Better get used to that chant–you’ll be hearing it at the end of the game tomorrow!)

  2. hey i just wanted to tell you an interesting story: i brought in the tori amos CD called little earthquakes for “mystery music” in my music class today. the song i chose was “silent all these years.” when my professor asked if there was any special reason i brought it, i said yes and explained that one of my best friends named laurie halse anderson recommended it to me and got me started with listening to tori amos’s music. nobody in the class knew who tori amos was, aside from my professor and me, but plenty of the students knew who you were! a few stopped and talked to me and asked how i knew you and i told them the whole story. the girls i talked to said that they love your books. anyway i just wanted to share that with you lol. hope everything’s going well! miss you! =) ♥

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