Summer reading… end of vacation looms

For me, summer ends at midnight, August 31st. I’m busy with doctor visits and paperwork, trying to get the boring stuff out of the way before I start writing again.

I love this time of year so much…. no matter how old I get, it feels like I should be getting ready for school. Thank God I don’t have to. My sympathies to all of you are are cramming in your required summer reading right now and making up journal entries about it.

Did any of you like your summer reading books? If so, what were they? What made them great?

What was the most boring summer reading book ever? What made it so bad?


Some of you will love this: I have a MySpace account. Friend me so I don’t feel like a total outcast, OK?

Some of you will sprint to the bathroom and hurl. (You know who you are.)

I bet you guys don’t sit next to each other in the cafeteria.

We interrupt this vacation….

…to bring you news of a very cool woman who is from my hometown.

I having been relaxing in a big way and catching up on much that needed to be caught. I’ll be in LaCrosse, Wisconsin next week talking to college professors and high school teachers. I hope we can meet under a large tree and sprawl in the grass while eating popsicles.

Enjoy what’s left of vacation. I’m reading a biography of William Faulkner and a thriller by Dana Stabenow. What are you reading?

Slightly exaggerated announcement

OK, so I got a little carried away yesterday. The announcement isn’t big by the standards of the world. It’s big by my standards. In fact, I am stoked.

I’m taking some time off.

Not from writing – I have miles to go before I sleep on that score. But I’ve decided to step away from a couple work-related tasks for the month of August. I’m taking a break from writing here in the blog, responding to non-critical email and correspondance, and anything else I can let go of for a few weeks without my world falling apart.

We are calling it a home-based vacation. What kinds of thrilling things will I be doing, besides writing? The list is endless:

Reading books
Killing poison ivy
Picking up sticks
Painting the bathroom
Refinishing a table (maybe)
(gasp) Cooking
Haunting the library and gym

I vow to eat blueberries and corn on the cob and clams. I might have to drive to Philly for a water ice.

I vow to drink lemonade every day.

I vow to watch sunsets and moonrises.

I vow to slather on sunscreen.

I vow to spend part of every day utterly lost in a book.

What else do you think I should do with my vacation?

I’ll be dropping in here to check comments and if anything startling or earth-shaking happens, I’ll post about it. But with your kind permission, I am going to kick back a little.

See you in September!

(edited to add)…Looking for something to do while I hide in the Forest? Visit Wesley’s LHA Official Fan Club and create merriment!)