Moving from denial to acceptance

Sharp-eyed readers will notice that I have not been able to bring myself to post about my beloved Hoya’s loss to Davidson in the NCAA basketball tournament this weekend.

::chokes back sob::

That’s because it HURTS! They lost! My boys lost! Oh, they tried so hard!! And to Davidson? Where is Davidson, exactly?

Hang on…. I need a moment here…

::flings self on floor, pounds fists, scares dog::
::gathers self::

God, I hate reality sometimes.

OK. Georgetown lost. North Carolina continues to steamroll the opposition. (Yes, Sarah Dessen’s library gets a free copy of my new book when it comes out because, sigh, her team is clearly superior to mine this year. There. I said it.)

So here’s my question for you: which team do I cheer on now? I am teamless. Help!

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  1. It’s because they were a 2 seed. The Curse of the 2 Seed, they call it. In fact, teams traditionally have a better chance of winning the tourney if they’re a 3 see as opposed to a 2 seed.

    If it makes you feel any better, I picked Georgetown to the Final Four, despite the curse.

  2. off basketball topic

    Hi Laurie, I met you at Whispering Pines 07, and enjoy your blog. I notice you occasionally mention having had melanoma– something we have in common. I recently found the BEST bathing suit, called a capkini, from a company called NoZone in Canada. It came in the mail the other day– it’s great… just had to share!
    Looking forward to hearing you speak at the New England Conference!


  3. WASHINGTON STATE!! Although I’m not sure if you’re willing to so directly root against Sarah’s team! But her team is playing my team, uh oh!

  4. Actually, Davidson College is in….

    ….North Carolina. Crazy, right?

    It’s hard when your team gets knocked out. Your guys did it to us last year!

  5. Ouch. Then it really, REALLY hurts.

    And Syracuse lost in the NIT, too… at least the team that beat them wasn’t from North Carolina.

    Maybe the Basketball Gods are trying to send me a message that I should be rooting for you guys this year.

  6. I know you don’t want to hear it, but…Davidson. They play hard and smart and have the team talent for go to the final four. They had Carolina on the ropes early in the year, and only the officials seeing powder blue kept them from winning.

    Carolina is one-dimensional on offense, and they can’t play D for forty minutes. A balanced team will take them out.

  7. I’m always a fan of rooting for the team that beats my team. And being a Central Michigan fan, there are often teams that beat my team. That way, there’s a little pride saved in knowing that my team lost to the same team everyone lost to.

    Unfortunately, that means that the last time CMU was actually in the Tournament, my logic had me rooting for Duke. Talk about disgusting.


  8. Michigan State

    Remember how nice all the people in Michigan were at your visit to the SCBWI Fall Conference? We all really want our Spartans to keep winning! Also, you have to love the Spartans’ toughness! Please don’t cheer for the boring, plodding Badgers of Wisconsin — they are all defense and frankly no fun to watch! If you are a basketball fan, watch the Spartans at 10 on Friday and you will be a fan — Tom Izzo rocks!

  9. On Wisconsin!

    Go Badgers! My daughters, an alum and a current student, are cheering for Wisconsin. My husband, a Marquette alum, is very sad. My son-in-law, who graduated from Kansas and Wisconsin, is watching every single game no matter who plays.

    College is so much more fun to watch than pro basketball! And the college cheerleaders are much less skanky.

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