Slinkety Link Day

The lung dragon is threatening to attack again, I’m having trouble sleeping, and I have doctors’ appointments today. It snowed again yesterday. Just a little, but it was still snow.

I am officially Miss CrankyPants.

So instead of whining, I will give you fun links.

Stephanie Anderson writes Bookavore, a hell of a good book blog. She works at an independent bookstore and reads faster and more critically than anyone I know. Including me. And yes, she’s my oldest kid. So read her blog and link to it, OK?

Stef and Editorial Anonymous both pointed out an awesome site for writers in need of shirts.

At what age does childhood end?

Georgetown made it. Syracuse didn’t. I suspect that Sarah Dessen is itching to make our bet again and I’m so there. LET THE MADNESS BEGIN!!!

More good news? TWISTED was named as a New York Public Library Book for the Teen Age. If I could breathe, I’d be jumping up and down about this.

Last but nor least, today we celebrate my Irish ancestors who hopped the boat to escape the Famine.Thank you, Grandpa Donovan. It turned out well for us, didn’t it?

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