Laurie would love to hear from you!

For COVID-19 related reading permission requests, please see the following guidelines from Laurie’s publishers:
Simon & Schuster (The Seeds of America trilogy [Chains, Forge, Ashes] and Fever, 1793)
Macmillan (Speak)
Penguin Random House (SHOUT, The Impossible Knife of Memory, Wintergirls, Catalyst, Prom, Twisted)

For interview requests or bookstore events regarding SHOUT:
Please contact Kaitlin Kneafsey at kkneafsey at penguinrandomhouse dot com.

To request an appearance at a university or corporate event, or at conferences that are not centered around children’s literature:
Please contact Christie Hinrichs at, or call (541) 797-2217.

To request an appearance for a school or for children’s literature-focused events:
Please visit the Author Village and fill out the request form! Please note: Laurie is currently unavailable for Skype visits through 2020.

Please note: because of legal and personal considerations, Laurie cannot read any unsolicited material for those seeking to be published or evaluated: no manuscripts, ideas for books, finished books, etc. For similar reasons, she cannot read any submissions of ideas for sequels to her own books. Nor can she provide individuals with one-on-one writing or publishing advice.