weekend away

I love my kids, just love them.

We snuck off to PA for the weekend to see Daughters #1 and #3, as well as do some research and speak to some college classes. We ate a lot of good food, hung out with the girls and their friends, and laughed until our sides ached. They were a blast when they were babies and little kids, but I had no idea how much more fun they would be when they grew up. Life is very good.

Thank you to all the students and professors at Millersville University who made my day there so much fun. (if you are looking for a college, gentle reader, you should take a look at M’ville.)

And so…. Davidson…. ::wipes tears from eyes:: … I guess I have to say “Rock chalk!” and summon new-found love for the Jayhawks. Let the Madness continue!!

What is the whole “rock chalk” thing, anyway? Can someone please educate me?

It’s been a while since I updated my resolutions. I’ve had to cut back on running a little because of a very sore hamstring, but it’s healing nicely. Might try to run outside today – I am really sick of the treadmill.

2008 Resolution Tracker
Week 13 – Miles Run: 10, YTD: 258.25
Week 13 – Days Written: 7, YTD: 91

Back to revision!

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  1. Just a lurker who grew up in Lawrence, KS dropping in to let you know that the rock-chalk chant comes from the fact that there is limestone under absolutely everything in Lawrence. It’s an outgrowth of a simple “rah, rah” cheer, when the rahs were replaced with a colloquial name for limestone, “chalk rock.”

  2. awww, i wish you would have mentioned something sooner. oh well. hopefully you’ll come again soon and we can see each other and maybe have dinner or lunch or something next time if you’re free. =) ♥
    p.s. hope you enjoyed listening to tori lol!

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