PROM in Texas

The Young Adult Round Table of the Texas Library Association included PROM on their 2006-2007 Tayshas Reading List. Thank you!

Check out the discussion of the SPEAK movie on IMDB. Recent posts have discussed the commentary that director Jessica Sharzer and I did for the DVD. It’s fun to read them.

I spent a boring, irritating morning being tortured having medical tests performed on my body. Nothing scary, just normal mid-life stuff. Still it felt like a total waste of time and energy. Now I will blast the roof off the house with my new playlist, Raw, and make up more stuff for my book. If you like the idea of combining books and playlists, this might be for you.

Were you born today?

Today is the birthday of both C.S. Lewis and Louisa May Alcott. Not too shabby.

I am taking both of my parents to the doctor this morning. The wind is howling. Must remember to tie a rope around Mother’s waist so she doesn’t blow away. The wind wouldn’t dare touch my dad. When they are safely home, I go back to revising. I have thrown out almost all of the scenes that needed to be thrown out of the WIP, and have the bones for the new ones. Time to scribble.

Added later A sad moment… Stan Berenstain, co-creator with his wife Jan of the Berenstain Bears, has died. We were always reading their books to our kids…. shedding tears now….

SPEAK wallpaper & Shannara question

Let the final revisions begin!

Before I dive back into the manuscript, I thought you’d like to know about the very cool SPEAK wallpaper that my Web God, theoblack designed. He is the best Web God ever, I swear. We hope you enjoy. If you reproduce the wallpaper any place besides your computer, please be cool and give Theo credit for his work.

One book thought before I go. I read First King of Shannara, by Terry Brooks, over the weekend. I’ve been wanting to read more fantasy and a friend recommended this. I was not impressed. It had some creative moments, but mostly I felt distant from the story. I was quickly bored with the journey/journey/battle evil/battle evil/journey some more/- plot line that was way too Tokienesque for my taste. Has anyone else read this book? Thoughts on it? Should I read others in the Shannara series?

Last NCTE photos

I am so bloated with pie and stuffing I can barely reach the keyboard. God, I love Thanksgiving! Ours was relatively small and quiet – it was the first time we had an Official Boyfriend at the table, and the first time I ate T’giving dinner with my parents in 22 years, so yeah, I had a blast. Beloved Husband did most of the cooking because a) he is much better at it than I am, and b) he does a great job. My job is to set tables and wash dishes. We find that I poison fewer people that way. I do make wicked good soup however, so I spent yesterday boiling the turkey carcass to death and turning it into gallons of turkey soup. I think I ate forty pounds of leftovers while I was making the soup. One of these years I will convince BH that we should cook the entire T’giving meal the day before the holiday so we can eat the best part – leftovers – on the day itself.

This weekend is Catching Up on Paperwork Weekend. Be still my beating heart. Ack. I loathe paperwork. I loathe the business end of being an author. But this is a necessary evil. If I’m a really, really good girl and get caught up on everything, then I go back to RevisionLand when the house gets quiet on Monday morning. One set of children headed back to PA yesterday morning, another set turned up for the weekend yesterday afternoon (here – have some soup!), plus we have a painter here, so things are a wee bit chaotic right now.

Before I dive into the morass, I promised the last NCTE photos. Wait until you see what I got the English teachers to do…


Along with being thankful for traditional things like my family, friends, not being dead, pie, books, pie, college basketball, and pie, I am also thankful for these things:

1. The gentle snow that is falling right now.
2. The mug of tea at my left elbow.
3. Lunch with Meredith yesterday.
4. The people who salted Route 81 last night so I made it home from NCTE safely.
5. The amazing teachers I met at NCTE. (I’ll post my last conference photos later.)
6. The fact that NCTE was my last speaking gig for three months.
7. The stack of books on my desk waiting to be read.
8. Stef and Jared arriving tonight.
9. Our house smells like pumpkin pie. (I know I mentioned pie above, but one cannot talk about it enough, IMHO.)
10. Tomorrow is my favorite holiday of the year!!!

What are you thankful for?

News flash: a moment of silence please, out of respect for the passing of Ruth Siems, the genius who invented Stove Top Stuffing.