Badass dames

Helllllllooooooo Women’s History Month!

The fantabulous dames over at readergirlz have designated March as Risk-Taking Month. On the last day of February (Loyalty Month) they featured Independent Dames; What You Never Knew About the Women and Girls of the American Revolution. But given the subject matter, I think we can celebrate it in both February and March!

You can read the short essay that I wrote about the book. Then hop into the conversation; do you think women’s contributions are still being marginalized today the way they were during the American Revolution?

I will

This October I’ll be turning 50 years old. I am using this as my excuse for just about anything and everything these days.

One of the things I decided around New Year’s was to give myself permission to exercise as much as I want all year. I adore working out but often allow other commitments to get in the way. Not in 2011!

Here’s what I’ve accomplished so far.

Running 145 miles

Biking 99 miles

Walking 27 miles

Elliptical 21 miles

Swimming 11 miles

Rowing 9 miles

A couple of weeks ago I started lifting weights again, too, and am doing that 3 days a week now.

My blood pressure is low, my resting heart rate has dropped, and the pants that didn’t fit after Christmas fit great again.

Need some inspiration? Here you go.

We made it to March!!

Yes, it is still below freezing outside.

But that is the SUN SHINING, people!!! We haven’t seen that in these parts for MONTHS!!!

Look – evidence!

The weatherman is only calling for snow in four out of the next seven days! Time for the bathing suits!