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I’ve been researching the new WIP like a fiend, but will lift my face out of the musty library books briefly for this update.

Happy Belated Father’s Day to all. We had a grand time – hung out with our dads, feted BH, called G (dad to daughter’s #1 & #3), and ate massive amounts of barbequed chicken and strawberry shortcake. I baked the shortcake, much to the puzzlement of my family which so rarely sees me in the kitchen. #1 Son and Jess, daughter #2, made BH feel very proud and paternal. If you want to make your dad laugh, send him here.

A couple of teachers have written to tell me that SPEAK made it into their school’s yearbook as one of the students’ favorite books. This feels very nice. Even better is the fact that Best Books is now a yearbook category. Maybe there hope after all.

Summer solstice is coming up this week. When I lived in Denmark, it was a night of great parties and amazing bonfires. Might have to recreate a little of that here in the Forest.

If any of you are bored out of your skulls, see if you can track down a copy of the diary and sketches (1762-1780)of Lt-general Archibald Robertson. I think the formal author names are Robertson and Henry Miller Lydenberg. There is a microfilm copy at SUNY Oswego, but I would like to find a hard copy to borrow so I can photocopy and blow up some of the sketches of New York in the time period of the WIP.

One more thing. I tried to watch TV yesterday. Miami Ink, to be precise. I enjoy tattoos and the stories behind them, but I wanted to find the directors/editors of the show and through them to the sharks. They stretch 5 minutes of story-telling into half an hour by repeating things over and over and over again. One guy, about to ship out with the Navy, wanted a koi fish to remind him of his son. OK, let’s leave the fact that they never explained the fish=son connection alone for a sec. They told us that he was getting the “koi fish for his son” seven freaking times before the artist even fired up the machine. ARGH!!!!!!!!!!! My brain was shrinking by the second.

Most television sucks.

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  1. There’s always Grey’s Anatomy, although I can’t find its reruns yet. Instead I watched Treasure Hunters, which is like the Great Race, only with a host who seems to actually believe he’s Charlie from Charlie’s Angels (even his in-person delivery is clipped), and with clues to stuff instead of simple “go to Mt. Rushmore” directions. Entertainment at its finest.

  2. Yayness!

    Oh yay! Maybe we could do something like that for our yearbook! There’s been dispute about the theme, so my partner and I are just looking for story ideas that aren’t just like the ones we do every year. We’re always looking for stuff to put in the academics section, and our sponsor is an English teacher, so I bet she’ll go for that.
    I usually just watch Gilmore Girls. I’ll watch music videos or Friends (all the episodes they play now are the ones I’ve already seen. 🙁 ) when I get really bored and have nothing to read and have posted all the MySpace bulletins I can. TV sucks.

  3. yea.. greys anatomy and gilmore girls are the only shows worth watching, but other than that, television sucks

    oh and

    their trying to make livejournal like myspace!

  4. I actually enjoy “Miami Ink,” but moreso for the artistic works than anything else. That chick, Kat, is AMAZING. But I must agree with the television suckage. It makes me miss 24. ::sigh::

  5. Hear, hear. There are things I miss about America (namely, the ability make and/or buy a sandwich) but TV is decidely not one of them.

  6. I personally like Miami Ink every once in awhile. Sometimes I just need trash tv or something monotonous as a break from things that I find intellectually stimulating. I don’t really watch tv much when I’m at college so most of what I do watch doesn’t need to have a point. And they are great artists, but if my artist had a show and was so scattered in his thoughts, I think I’d stop going to him.

  7. advice

    Hi, I’m not leaving a comment. I’d actually like to ask for your advice. If you don’t have the time, I understand. But I appreciate you taking the time to read this.

    I’m fourteen, and I’m writing a book. Do you think a literary agent and/or an editor would take a person my age seriously? And is the editing and publishing process consuming, because I’m taking on an immense work load next year in high school, and I cannot let my studies suffer.

    Thank you for your time, Mrs. Anderson. If you could, please respond either on your website or you can email me at Thank you again.

    Sincerely, Ambree Papa

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