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  1. The first time I read Ulysses, I was so intimidated. I hated every moment of it.

    But then I sort of realized, somewhere along the line, after crying and moaning over it in frustration (literally) that I had the key.

    I don’t know when it happened. It’s like the first reading taught me how to read it, if that makes sense, and so when I read it again I enjoyed it as if I hadn’t ever read it before, saw it for how funny and good it was.


  2. thanks

    thanks! i’m just wondering maybe someday when you’re not busy would you like to meet up in new york city for lunch or something this summer. just an idea. let me know what you think! good luck with writing and i hope you have a great summer too!

  3. picture

    I have to ask! Where did your ever so enthusiastic, slightly deviant, picture come from?

  4. Questions

    2 Questions for you:

    Where can I buy the Speak DVD?
    and also,
    when does your next book come out, and what is it called?

    I have a copy of Speak, Catalyst, and Prom, and I’ve read Fever, so I’m dying for something else!


  5. Catalyst

    Hey Laurie! I am reading Catalyst for a summer reading project for my Sophomore year in high school. I have to do a character list and all this great stuff for my chosen book..but i was wondering if you could answer one of my questions! Who is the main antagonist in this book? I know it can be Teri but then it could also be Bad Kate too. I don’t know how I would explain the “other” side of Kate in my report which is why I needed the advice! Please reply soon=) Love your books! Thanks..-Reader in Michigan

  6. bah! humbug! the only reason i want to celebrate this day is to remind myself that Joyce is safely in the ground where he can do no further harm.

  7. Re: Catalyst

    Sorry about that, Reader. You have figured most of it out – there are several ways to look at the “main antagonist” in the book. There is no wrong answer here, just back up your opinion with evidence from the book. Have fun!

  8. Re: Questions

    The SPEAK DVD is sold lots of places including Blockbuster and Barnes and Noble.

    The new book comes out on March 15th. It’s called TWISTED.

  9. Babbler of Nonesense! Devourer of the Happiness of Children!

    i have a really great idea for a short story…a masked superninja is stalking and killing all sorts of people in horrible ways. first the ninja throws holden caulfield off a cliff. then the ninja ties stephen dedalus to a rock near the ocean and says he’ll let him go if stephen can eat a bowl of stew without somehow blaming all of his personal failings on it. stephen fails and the tide comes in. then stephen james joyce tries to serve legal papers crying out against the dillution of the “pure” Joyce and the ninja drops him in a dillution of “pure” carbolic acid.

    finally at the end it’s just leopold and the ninja, and leopold tries to put up a fight but forgets halfway through that he’s fighting a ninja and by the time he gets back to it thirty pages later the ninja has killed him. finally, triumphantly, the ninja removes his mask, revealing himself to be none other than Gatsby, returned from the grave as a zombie-ninja.

    i predict i will sell ten billion copies.

    oh, and i’m taking the high road by not pointing out that you misspelled “sacrilege”. i’ll just assume that tears of rage were getting in the way of the keyboard.

  10. JCO is awesome. We Were the Mulvaneys and Tattooed Girl are her best in my opinion.

    I read Prom this weekend and I was laughing out loud near the end. It was so great. The mother and russian grandmother are my favorite, while TJ is quite the skeaze. Also the line about the cops finally coming to arrest a teacher instead of a student was priceless. It was like it could have been my high school with that line. Well done!

  11. Summer and more…

    WOW!!! A new book…same here.Actully almost done.ANYWAYS have a great summer!!!!!I don’t want to ask you questions because I like to think outside of the box. Like Why write books when you could be a highschool engilsh teacher? Ok so the whole outside of the box….I am working on it.
    I read your Speak book in school.It is beautiful literature…and hilarous.I love your humor,It’s like your a teenager ready to explode.Or that maybe you didn’t have teen experiance.Well whatever it is I like it a lot.I know that envy is one of the most deadly sins,but I am sorry! You have helped me so much.My writting has actully inproved!!! I get most of my inspiration from you. If you need help in getting in the mood of the character try putting on music that reflexts what they are going through.Like for example,Micheal Bubble fits perfect with crushes.And If you feel like dancing put on some Nelly Furtato(Sorry I need to improve on spelling)Tell me how it works out!

  12. Delibereight mispelingkz.

    To paraphrase His Joyciness: that ought to keep the academics busy for a while.

    Good story idea, btw. Throw in a couple of words from obscure languages and you’ll have a hit.

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