Note to Olivia in Florida

I am sorry that I haven’t returned your book yet, but I cannot read your street address.

Can you send me a note with the correct address on it?? Thanks!

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  1. Please Read This!!!

    Dear Laurie Halse Anderson,

    Hello, your probably gonna’ be annoyed that I (a huge fan) am writing on your site. I just was going to say that your books are amazing. I so , so LOVE them. They rock. (letmeguess…I am so still getting you annoyed. Oh, well) I’ve only read Catalyst and Speak. I thought it was cool and funny that Kate talked about “Melinda Something.” I am an aspiring young writer and your work has totally inspired me.

    Yours really truly,
    Dylan AKA.
    PS. email me puh-lease!!!!(if you have time)

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