Mad Woman in the Forest tee-shirts, anyone?

Pretty soon I am going to be selling these tee-shirts.

In the next couple of weeks, I’ll be giving them away as prizes for the people who comment on WFMAD posts and whenever I feel like giving away prizes.

Do you like them? Would you wear them? Would you be interested in the logo on a sweatshirt or is this concept the height of absurdity?

Seriously. I want to know.

30 Replies to “Mad Woman in the Forest tee-shirts, anyone?”

  1. I would totally love the LHA + tree logo on a sweatshirt! With a big SPEAK UP on the back! So cool! I think some sort of sticker, bumper or otherwise, would be sweet, too. To decorate notebooks/binders. FUN!

  2. Yes, I’d wear one of your t-shirts. I’d prefer long-sleeved over short-sleeved, but would take a freebie none-the-less. Maybe offer in one other color, a pale yellow or green, perhaps?

  3. I posted on your Good reads site also. These are great! I agree, long sleeves would be nice too. Looking forward to your book, Forge.

  4. My students would love the t-shirts and I’d like the handsome man with the great smile in the middle. (Just kidding…well…maybe not! He’s a good sport, isn’t he?)

  5. I love shirts that rewuire people to ask about it!!! It would be great in a green or something as well to go along with the whole forest theme. Would love to have one to promote one of my favorite authors!!! 🙂

  6. I agree – I would rather have long sleeved T-shirt than a hoodie/ sweatshirt. I would totally wear one. Proudly invite people to ask me what is it all about.

  7. Love the shirts!
    But what happened to the sun (or is it a sunset) maybe I can’t see it?
    I think you would sell a lot of hoodies…kids would love it. I teach Jr. High and sometimes they NEVER take those hoodies off. 🙂
    Hats would be fun too.

  8. As a future middle grades educator what better way to showcase a real world example to my students by wearing this shirt! I love it!!!!

  9. Ah, the rose between two thorns.
    Do I detect three different colors??
    Count me in. I’d buy one. Short or long sleeved. Any color.

  10. Count me in for a shirt (or two) as well. Only thing is…please, please, please make them available in something other than white (maybe heather gray?). Hard to tell if they’re whit or light gray in the picture.

    About the assignments you’ve been giving a few have been scenes/scenarios that are already in my novel. Funny!

    Happy writing everyone!

  11. A sweater would be beast. I like the shirt though, too. Did you ever consider maybe doing like a black sweater or tee? I’m not sure about other people, but I’m a big fan of black–mainly for two reasons: 1- it doesn’t stain as easily, and 2- it’s more flattering in general. 🙂 Just thoughts!


  12. I can’t wait for these to be available! Other suggestions: Scoop neck and cap sleeves (girl shirts), long-sleeve denim button-down/collar (his and hers), coffee mugs, tote bags, pens, pencils, vinyl wall art/posters, fleece throw blankets, bumper stickers. Shoot–you could even do a few windshield sun screen jobbers. I mean, if we’re sending a message, why stop at just bodies? Do you have a store on your site? Totally time for a product line!

    Here’s 2nd (or 24th) motion for long-sleeve Ts and many colors.

  13. I would wear this shirt. If my students didn’t ask about it, I would Speak Up and get some conversation started.

  14. As part of my library’s plan for Right to Read week/month, the English department is making “My favorite Banned Book” T-shirts. Maybe I can convince them to get one of these shirts also. I have many many fans of LHA and this shirt would help unite us! DO NO HARM!

  15. I’d wear it… sweat in it at Pilates… give them away at our school Poetry Slam this spring… use them to bribe students who don’t want to write… weed my garden in it (including picking off the annoying Japanese beetles)… walk my dogs around the neighborhood with it… but mostly, I’d write in it! Today I’m wearing “shut up and write” so this would be a definite upgrade.

    P.S. I have written every day this August. Thanks for the challenge.

  16. I absolutely love the shirts. Honestly I would wear it as a sweatshirt, mostly because I love sweatshirts. It is a great shirt and I can’t wait to buy one.

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