Mad Woman in the Forest tee-shirts, anyone?

Pretty soon I am going to be selling these tee-shirts.

In the next couple of weeks, I’ll be giving them away as prizes for the people who comment on WFMAD posts and whenever I feel like giving away prizes.

Do you like them? Would you wear them? Would you be interested in the logo on a sweatshirt or is this concept the height of absurdity?

Seriously. I want to know.

House of Penguin

Yesterday was Penguin Day.

This is the fun part of being an author; meeting my new publicist, Allison.

Videotaped some online publicity pieces.

Best part of the day: meeting with 8th graders from the Little Red School House and hearing their comments on WINTERGIRLS. (More on this tomorrow.)

We had a party back at the House of Penguin with a cake that looked like the book and I got to say thank you to everyone, especially my editor Joy and the talented team who came up with the WINTERGIRLS cover and interior design.

There was a bunch of meetings and a dinner and I crashed into bed. Off now for another meeting and then to the airport.