Last gasp of lake effect… Nor’easter approaching

My hat is off to whomever decided that Central New York’s boy’s swimming sectionals should be held in mid-February. Brilliant. Sitting at finals yesterday my feet finally thawed and bones warmed up. Number One Son took fifth in the section in 100-yard breaststroke and 3rd in the consolation heat of the 200-yard IM. Now he gets to chill (ha) a few weeks before track season starts.

(One quick rant… did you know that some people think that their flesh is transparent? I sometimes feel invisible, but I’ve never thought that others could actually see through me. A few truly obnoxious parents at yesterday’s swim meet (I will not name their kids’ team because other parents from there were sweet) kept standing at the railing while the rest of us stayed on the bleachers and tried to see through them to watch the swimmers in the pool. There were signs everywhere telling people not to stand at the rail. Maybe they couldn’t read. The situation started at Clueless, moved quickly to Selfish, and hopped to Rude. When BH finally asked them to sit down so that we could actually see the pool, a woman told him he should just stand up. Meet my husband, the man with the bum knee. I wanted to throw her in the water. Her husband finally got her to sit down and the meet concluded in a state of more or less peace. But, geesh…… end of rant.)

We’re expecting another six inches of snow today and that should be the end of the Lake Effect Snow that has been dumping on us for more than a week.

Late tomorrow and Wednesday we are expecting a Nor’easter storm to blow in. This could mean several more feet of snow piling up, quickly. Ye gods above. BH is working the phones right now to get someone to clear off our roof. The guy we had lined up to do it is still dealing with problems at his own house. We also need to have the driveway plowed out – a couple of feet of snow have fallen since the payloader came in last week. And we are cringing at the thought of spring…. because all of this has to melt. We’re going to need to dig trenches to ensure that the melting snow drains away from the house and not into our basement.

I am going to let him deal with that while I try to finish all the paperwork stuff I abandoned last week. Yippee. I also want to get outside and play in white stuff. That will be my reward.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Teenage boys move so quickly most of my pictures of the meet look like this.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic The winners!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic The dog is as happy…. well, as happy as a German Shepherd in snow.

7 Replies to “Last gasp of lake effect… Nor’easter approaching”

  1. It’s a good thing Clueless, Selfish and Rude don’t attend hockey games. Perhaps “hockey etiquette” (i.e. never stand while the puck is in play) needs to be instituted at swim meets as well.

    I don’t think the meteorology guys know what way that Nor’easter is going to blow through tomorrow night. Maybe it’s our turn down here 🙂

  2. Sorry I like groundhogs as much as the next person but I think it’s time to fire those groundhogs. All of them were wrong this year. They couldn’t see their shadows because of the damn snow clouds blowing in not the rain clouds that are supposed to show the end of winter.

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