Airplanes are magic

It’s always hard leaving home, especially for a week. Sunday morning was last minute packing, tea-drinking, mild fretting. Because I had proclaimed Spring the day before, we were enjoying more lake effect snow.

Image hosting by TinyPic The drive south to Syracuse.

But we got to the airport in one piece and my flight took off with no problems. I watched Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire in the air (movies in the air – amazing) and scribbled ideas and headed into better weather.

Let’s review yesterday’s visuals:

Image hosting by TinyPic Mexico, NY

Image hosting by TinyPic San Diego, CA

::great sigh::

The very, very nice people of La Jolla Country Day School took me out to dinner last night at a restaurant that overlooked the Pacific ocean and the setting sun… yeah, it had everything, crashing surf, beach, crazy freezing cold surfers, you name it. But the company was even better and it was a terrific way to end a long day. I leave here in a minute to go to the school. Tonight I fly to LA, tomorrow, the Chadwick School.

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  1. the pictures make me wish I was elsewhere instead of home where nothing ever happens. there’s lots of inspiration in those photos. and it’s calming.

  2. Oh, man. I really wish I was in California!! I’ve been thinking about transfering out there after an entire semester of Buffalo-Rochester weather when I have to walk across campus for class, and that picture just made me want it more.

  3. Ohhh… San Diego. I miss that place as well as LA & the rest of Southern California.
    I went there for vacation about two years ago; I didn’t want to leave.
    I hope you enjoy it when you’re not running around doing things! It’s sooo beautiful there.

    It’s my birthday today, first day of spring, and beautiful weather in Oswego, New York. Today was pretty much perfect for the most part. :]

  4. Thank you for coming to our school to speak. I’m the silly little girl wanting to go into creative writing, Francesca. I have a question that I thought up during swim practice today (I tend to do my best thinking when swimming oddly- though its always inconvenient since writing underwater has never completely worked before).

    Speak follows some rather deep themes and I was wondering how well a book is received when it contains such silenced media since most teenage novels focus on the heartbreak and heartmake of high-school drama.


  5. The pictures are great. I’ve only heard about people harvesting the sap of maple trees, which makes it so cool that people actually do that around you!

    Annnd…my family (even hard-to-please Mom) enjoyed Harry Potter 4 so i hope you liked it too…hope the trip’s going well!!

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