A rant-free post

No, really. I promise. Because I am in a good mood. A great mood. Georgetown won yesterday and SUNY Albany almost beat UConn. I love UConn, but come on – how can you not root for Albany in that situation? I love March.

Another reason for feeling so great today? The farmers down the road from us have started boiling their maple sap. It doesn’t matter how much it snows this week, Spring has arrived.

This means it’s time for me to hit the road again. Tomorrow I catch a plane to San Diego. (Tough, I know. Just pray that the Stinky Guy doesn’t sit next to me again.) I’ll be speaking in LaJolla on Monday, at the Chadwick School in Palos Verdes on Tuesday and Wednesday, and I’ll be giving a public presentation at the Cerritos Library on Friday evening. I come home a week from today.

One of yesterday’s highlights was a trip to the library that resulted in an armful of books for the trip. A lot of them are fantasies – it’s about time I read more of those. So I have the perfect Saturday lined up: writing, reading, basketball, and packing. OK, so it would be really perfect if I didn’t have to pack. But nobody gets a perfect life, so I can deal with it. I’ll get BH to build a fire in the fireplace tonight. That will balance out the sadness of packing my suitcase again.

What are the ingredients of your perfect Saturday in March?

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  1. I like UConn Huskies and they were great I can’t believe that Albany almost beat them. Well I live in Iowa and Iowa lost in the last 2 sec. in the game. Well I think that Uconn vs. Albany was really great.

    GO HUSKIES!!!!!!!

  2. One thunderstorm (desperately needed here in Texas)
    One grandmother driving in from the country
    One nine-year-old daughter with a sassy new haircut to show off
    One production of “The Scarlet Pimpernel” featuring my sister-in-law
    Three hours of writing time before enjoying the evening out!

  3. Let me say this first, I am a Nova fan.

    My perfect March Saturday consists of:
    Hot chocolate
    A good book
    Good blues, jazz, or choral music playing in the background
    A quiet house


  4. Warm, sunny weather, laying on a bench with my head in my boyfriend’s lap as he reads me a good book and not worrying about stupid school work. Or if it has to be cold, the same thing inside on a couch with a nice coal fire and a cup of tea.

  5. Taught some riding lessons this morning. Sunny and cold, perfect weather for being outside and for feeling tough about it.

    Went to the gym. Got hot enough to walk home in shorts and t-shirt and not give in to the shivers.

    Plan to spend the afternoon with the windows wide open — alternating between cleaning house and getting schoolwork done. The school where I teach is on spring break, so I won’t worry about grading for another few days at least.

  6. WAH!!! I’ll miss you in CA by a few days!! (I arrive there on Monday the 27th.) Not that you would have had time to get-together. *sigh* Have a great one!!!! πŸ™‚ Miss you! *hugs*

  7. You won’t believe it!

    The democratic process rocks! My friend Instant messaged me saying that our other friend got her new schedule and it says starting monday we will be having tutoring first period. We did it! I can’t believe we did it! this is so empowering can you believe it? all it takes is a little determination and some good planning.

  8. LJ-time has always confused me (how can replies to posts have been written in the future???) so i did some sleuthing:
    – By default, LJ-time is in UTC (Coordinated Universal Time), which is another name for GMT (Greenwich Mean Time). This is the international standard for time i think.
    LJ FAQ Question #156, Why don’t my comments show the correct time? How do I set my time zone? explains how you can change your LJ-time. If you’re so inclined.
    – Sorry for the long comment but this has been bugging me for months or maybe years.

  9. perfect saturday

    my perfect saturday would involve sleeping in, not doing homework:-), shopping at a bookstore, hanging out with my friends, eating chinese food, and getting ice cream. and staying up late. have a good trip:-)! -ash πŸ™‚

  10. my perfect saturday would be me writing, listening to music, reading, IMing my long distance friends, going to the bookstore, having a mocha at the nearest starbucks, a thunderstorm. have a safe trip!!!!!

  11. Usually I would say sleeping in late and relaxing all day. Reading a good book and writing some.

    But on this particular March Saturday I celebrated turning 30 and went out to dinner and played pool. And since it was my birthday, my friends didn’t laugh when I hit nothing but air.

    Have fun in San Diego. So Cal will be lucky to have you. I’m from Northern California myself.

  12. Hmmm…let’s see…going to the library and picking out a ton of books and going outside and sitting on one of the library benches next to their cherry blossom trees with the sun warming my hair and losing myself in a good book…(while sipping on a vanilla rootbeer) =D how’s that sound? xoxo Isabel

  13. Good Days

    Well, yesterday my mom kept annoying me, asking me to play card games with her, but I didn’t want to because when I play alone with her she starts asking too many questions! So as soon as my boyfriend got off work, I invited him over to play with us (since she likes him more than me anyways.)

    Today was even better though! Me, my family, and my boyfriend (he practically is in the family now) went to go visit my old pastor. See, over a year ago my church broke up (these bad hypocrites voted out our preacher) and half the people from the church left while the rest stayed at the church. Well, we didn’t stay and we visited the Good Ones a few times, but then we started going to one closer to where we live. But it felt so good to visit those people and hear my old pastor preach! I just felt like I was where I belonged.

  14. hey its julie

    you might not remnevber me but i met u at my school last year CR high school north in bucks county pa. i did my grad project on you and everything and we talked a little after ur presenation. i was just wondering what the new books about?

  15. Thank you

    We are so fortunate to have you as a new friend, a favorite author, and a wonderful life shaper! :)Lib. LJ

  16. My perfect Saturday would begin with a good night’s rest.. followed by a warm breakfast of oatmeal with cranberries or raisins. After my belly was warm and full, I’d walk or ride my bike to yoga class or dance rehearsal (or both, one after the other!). Following that I would shower mid-afternoon, snuggle back into bed and read for a few hours. Maybe I’d nap, or meditate. By evening-time I might connect with friends for dinner, possibly by cooking at one of our homes… enjoying their company late into the night while watching a quality film and having conversation, each of which breaks open my mind. (Note all movie-watching and conversing would occur while snuggled under warm blankets on a big comfy couch… if at all possible!).

    πŸ™‚ Thanks for asking!

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