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teachers – this is for you

TweetI’ve been meaning to post a link to this for months. Agnes Irwin, one of my favorite schools in the country, started the Dream Flags Project in 2003. It has blossomed and grown. Teachers who are looking for an excellent project next year that revolves around themes of peace, poetry, art, and ways to connect […]
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Are your toes damp?

TweetOut here in the boonies we’ve had no flooding (she says with crossed fingers), but I’m a little concerned for my friends down in the Philly region. Can someone from Hatboro/Horsham/Doylestown/Yardley/New Hope report in on how things are? Downingtown? Lancaster? How about Carlisle? I’m sending off my picture book mss back to the editor today, […]
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How to make yourself feel good today

TweetThe Dewey Donation System might be my favorite Internet concept of the year. It is a website that coordinates donations to libraries in the Gulf Coast region hard-hit by Katrina. They’ve set up wish lists on Amazon so you can order books that will be shipped directly to the libraries. Simple, fast, and elegant. Our […]
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More proof that librarians are angels on earth

TweetThe American Library Association’s annual conference is going on in New Orleans right now. (No, I’m not there. But I wish that I were.) This is the first major convention to be held in New Orleans since hurricane Katrina devastated the city. I am not exactly what you call an insider, but from what I’ve […]
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Harriet deserves a book

TweetQuick – somebody please write a strong, wonderful, beautiful book about the life and times of Harriet. I’m too busy to do it, but that is a book that I want to read.
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New look to this corner of the forest

TweetThanks to my computer-giftedly kid, adastraperasper, we are making some design changes here at LJ-land. What do you think about the new look?? What do the colors look like on your computer?
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Wolf whistle

TweetDoes anybody know what that means? A wolf whistle is the obnoxious tweet-tweeeee whistle that some men make to show appreciation of/interest in a passing woman. Note to guys: girls do NOT like this. Ever. In fact, it pretty much guarantees that in her head she is condemning you to the lowest level of hell. […]
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fact checking

TweetOne of the things I love most about the world of children’s publishing is that the people involved are (generally) very serious about keeping their facts straight. If you write historical fiction for grown-ups, I am told you have lots of latitude to make stuff up. Not in my world. There are legions of librarians […]
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Note to Olivia in Florida

TweetI am sorry that I haven’t returned your book yet, but I cannot read your street address. Can you send me a note with the correct address on it?? Thanks!
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nose in books

TweetI’ve been researching the new WIP like a fiend, but will lift my face out of the musty library books briefly for this update. Happy Belated Father’s Day to all. We had a grand time – hung out with our dads, feted BH, called G (dad to daughter’s #1 & #3), and ate massive amounts […]
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