Are your toes damp?

Out here in the boonies we’ve had no flooding (she says with crossed fingers), but I’m a little concerned for my friends down in the Philly region.

Can someone from Hatboro/Horsham/Doylestown/Yardley/New Hope report in on how things are?

Downingtown? Lancaster? How about Carlisle?

I’m sending off my picture book mss back to the editor today, having researched the questions raised by the expert and reformatted the text to fit the new design. The last pass of TWISTED is due to arrive any moment, so I’ll hammer on that for a few days, then bid it a fond farewell. It is beginning to sink in that both of those books will be published next year. I better hurry up and write something new for ’08.

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  1. Millersville is pretty much back to normal right now. The pond level is high, but otherwise okay. Lancaster isn’t doing to great apperently. Some people have had to leave. And there saying there is still more to happen because the Conestoga(I think, maybe another river) has yet to crest yet. Woohoo.

    Love you!

  2. flooding

    Hi Laurie,

    Well, before the extreme thunderstorm moved through last night, Carlisle was okay, parts of Camp Hill around the river have moderate flooding, the Susquehannah has moderate flood areas and will fall below flood stage tomorrow evening. The Swatara Creek in Middletown is having record flooding, though. Roads are closed all over the place — but not all roads — and I’ve heard the local fire departments have been busy pumping 4+ feet of water out of basements. Rescue crews are out in boats looking for stranded people. Some spots haven’t seen it so bad since 1972.

    It’s sunny now, but it looks like the kind of hazy sun that can be shoved aside by any dark, fat cloud.

  3. Dad says some people where he works couldn’t get in to work cuz of the flooding. Apparently the problem is, since so many roads are closed, the roads that are still open have a *lot* of traffic.

    I am not sure where exactly that was happening, though. I am closest to Hatboro. Thanks for thinking of us 🙂

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