More proof that librarians are angels on earth

The American Library Association’s annual conference is going on in New Orleans right now. (No, I’m not there. But I wish that I were.)

This is the first major convention to be held in New Orleans since hurricane Katrina devastated the city. I am not exactly what you call an insider, but from what I’ve heard the last few months, the leadership of ALA has been firm and committed about holding the convention there as a way to help the people of the region get back on there feet.

But that’s not all.

Librarians are volunteering their time and energy while in New Orleans to help with the reconstruction. More info.

Librarians have demanding, underpaid jobs. They provide access to information, education, and opportunities for enlightenment for all Americans. And they catch a lot of flack for it from people who do not understand the principles of the Constitution. But you know what? Most of them see that as an opportunity to educate people and encourage more discussion. Librarians make this country a great place.

Is anyone blogging from the conference besides professornana andhornbookfeed, and this guy ?

EDITED TO ADD – thanks for the feedback – here is what you told me:
Sara Ryan thisisnotanlj
Nielsen Hayden
Sarah Dessen writergrl
The YALSA blog!

In other librarian news, would somebody who has a myspace account, please send a note to this wonderful librarian and tell her I say thanks for doing a great job with her book club? Thanks.

Let’s say it all together: librarians rock!

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  1. Sara Ryan posted some pictures the other day from the house she helped clean out down in New Orleans. She hasn’t made any posts about the conference itself yet, however.

  2. J. West at often blogs while at ALA. She runs a great blog for people interested in library stuff in general.

    A number of sections are also running wikis for members to blog on, but I do not know off the top of my head if anyone is running a wiki specially for the people that are working on the rebuilding while at the conference.

    (as a librarian and bookstore worker that lives down the road (and I lurk in your journal) I thought I would say hi.) Nice new layout, btw

  3. Speaking as a future member of the wonderful profession of librarianship (one more class to go!) … thank you for saying we rock. Because we do! And so do writers like you who share your craft and ideas in your blog.

  4. The YALSA blog is summarizing a lot of the programming. Neil Gaiman commented once or twice on it on his blog as well.

    I’m SO glad to hear that people are volunteering for cleanup. I didn’t get to go this year, either, but if I had been able to go, I wanted to be able to do some sort of volunteer work while I was there, and I never heard anything about whether there would be any sort of organized effort. Whether it’s organized by ALA or someone else, or not, that’s really great to hear.

  5. I was wondering if you’d post in your LJ about the Dewey Donation System – it’s an annual book drive headed by a longtime online journaler and author, and this year it benefits libraries in Mississippi devastated by Katrina. You have a lot of readers here, so you could really help get the word out.

    (I work at Children’s Book World, btw, but was away when you were here talking at Agnes Irwin. I heard you were awesome – the feedback was fantastic! I’m sorry I missed you.)

  6. Thank you, from those of us in the trenches 🙂 It’s nice to know people notice, and appreciate, that we do what we do because we care.

    I really wish I was able to be at ALA this year – what a great chance to hang out with librarians and authors *and* volunteer your time to re-build a great city.

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  8. I worked in a library for six years. Librarians are not appreciated nearly enough. It’s not a job you Fall Back On. “Well, I really want to solve hunger/cure cancer/establish a moon base, but if that doesn’t work out, I’ll be a librarian.” Thanks for supporting them!

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