Sunday & cloudy & random

Cloudy today. Perfect conditions for staring at a blank piece of paper. Writer seeks motivation; apply within.

We had a blast at Paige’s Butterfly Run on Saturday. And yes, I actually ran. To the outside world it may have looked like shuffling, but in my head, I looked like Marion Jones, only faster.

I really enjoyed reading everyone’s responses to the June prompts. You guys rock.

Have any of you ever been to the Hay Literature Festival? It looks like fun.

Off to drink tea and figure out where in 1776 NYC the character in my new WIP lived.


The word “June” is filled with possibilities. It makes me think of chocolate ice cream dripping down the cone and flip-flops and mosquitoes and sand and slightly overcooked hot dogs.

What does it mean to you?

What emotions does it call up?

Are you looking for something to write? Write a scene that makes the reader feel that emotion… try not to use the word of the emotion at all..

I am going to write now… so should you!