Not a day of rest

This past year I have been trying to take Sundays off from work, but that won’t be the case today. My goals for the day are ambitious: review yesterday’s work on Chapter 27, one more edit of Chapter 28 (which I think is in fairly good shape already ::crosses fingers::), and major reconstruction from the ground up on Chapter 29, which is a shambles right now.

I also need to answer the stack of mail on my desk and empty the email box. And get some exercise.

I took some time off yesterday, so don’t feel bad for me. Wrote all morning and played all afternoon. We went to a tattoo convention and to the booksigning of my friend, Ellen Yeomans, whose new book Rubber Houses just came out.

The differences between the tattoo convention and book signing were rather….. striking.

Writing prompt: Take a person from each world (World A: tattoo/biker convention, World B: booksigning in suburban chain store on a cold snowy day) and drop them into the other world.


The word “June” is filled with possibilities. It makes me think of chocolate ice cream dripping down the cone and flip-flops and mosquitoes and sand and slightly overcooked hot dogs.

What does it mean to you?

What emotions does it call up?

Are you looking for something to write? Write a scene that makes the reader feel that emotion… try not to use the word of the emotion at all..

I am going to write now… so should you!


Many thanks to everyone who shared their haiku yesterday. They were terrific.

So here’s another challenge: write a haiku about your mother’s hands. See if you can make it a positive one (so we can balance out yesterday’s frowns), but try to avoid using words like “happy”. SHOW the emotion with the details you choose, instead of telling us about it. Can you do it?

After a couple days sorting through twelve months worth of receipts, I am ready to send all of my tax info off to my accountant. This is such a huge relief I can’t begin to tell you. After the trip to the post office, I’m taking my mom to a doctor’s appt. If she’s feeling well enough, maybe we’ll go out for doughnuts and coffee after.

This weekend I need to finish up all of the travel and hotel reservations for my April road trip. I can almost see the surface of my desk. I had forgotten what a beautiful color it was.

Anyone else following the Big East Tournament? Syracuse is playing Georgetown at 7 tonight on ESPN. It’s the one game I can’t lose: my home team vs. my college team. Orange Saxa!