Not a day of rest

This past year I have been trying to take Sundays off from work, but that won’t be the case today. My goals for the day are ambitious: review yesterday’s work on Chapter 27, one more edit of Chapter 28 (which I think is in fairly good shape already ::crosses fingers::), and major reconstruction from the ground up on Chapter 29, which is a shambles right now.

I also need to answer the stack of mail on my desk and empty the email box. And get some exercise.

I took some time off yesterday, so don’t feel bad for me. Wrote all morning and played all afternoon. We went to a tattoo convention and to the booksigning of my friend, Ellen Yeomans, whose new book Rubber Houses just came out.

The differences between the tattoo convention and book signing were rather….. striking.

Writing prompt: Take a person from each world (World A: tattoo/biker convention, World B: booksigning in suburban chain store on a cold snowy day) and drop them into the other world.

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  1. Now, see, had I known YOU were going to show up at the tattoo convention, I might have gone as well!!

    I greatly admire your self-motivation, Laurie. How do you stay focused and avoid procrastination? Wait. Don’t answer this today. Distraction = bad.

  2. Quick question- so you write a book completely without changing your mind a million times and just revise each chapter? Wow, I wish I could do that. I cannot stick to one idea… at all.

  3. Writing is a job!

    I was going to post a comment about the varying degrees of being a writer (there are established writers who have agents, one time published writers who have yet to find an agent and publish again, never published writers, those who would like to write but have not dared…etc.). There are most certainly other kinds of writers. But what we all have in common (excepting those who have not yet spilt ink on a blank page) is that we treat what we do as a job just like any other. You convey that in your journal and I have only to agree. I’ve published one book (so far it has only created trickles in what is a vast and daunting ocean), I’m struggling to find a publisher for my second book and also an agent (I’m not too sure which should take precedence – agent or publisher…I scratch my head every day…). I’m also in the process of scribbling down the first draft of my 3rd book.

    I stop there because I could go on and on…and that would be extremely egotistical (I’m only human).

    Suffice to say…I agree with you…writing is hard work. I add that I think you can only keep at it if you consider it as a job like any other. The only problem I have is that many people I know (including my husband but fortunately not my mother) do not see it that way. How often have I heard “Honey…could you run this errand for me today?” or “Would you mind calling so and so for me?” or “Could you bake my favourite cake this afternonn?” etc. and so on…

    Oh the dilemma of being a writer!

  4. I just saw “Speak,” the movie version, on Lifetime. In the scene while they’re at the gymnasium, at what school is that filmed? The mascot is the same as at my high school, and those are the old uniforms out cheerleaders had. I was just wondering if that WAS my highschool.

    I don’t really know where to ask this. I searched everywhere to see if any website said where. If you can help, thanks.

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