Many thanks to everyone who shared their haiku yesterday. They were terrific.

So here’s another challenge: write a haiku about your mother’s hands. See if you can make it a positive one (so we can balance out yesterday’s frowns), but try to avoid using words like “happy”. SHOW the emotion with the details you choose, instead of telling us about it. Can you do it?

After a couple days sorting through twelve months worth of receipts, I am ready to send all of my tax info off to my accountant. This is such a huge relief I can’t begin to tell you. After the trip to the post office, I’m taking my mom to a doctor’s appt. If she’s feeling well enough, maybe we’ll go out for doughnuts and coffee after.

This weekend I need to finish up all of the travel and hotel reservations for my April road trip. I can almost see the surface of my desk. I had forgotten what a beautiful color it was.

Anyone else following the Big East Tournament? Syracuse is playing Georgetown at 7 tonight on ESPN. It’s the one game I can’t lose: my home team vs. my college team. Orange Saxa!

16 Replies to “Bravo!”

  1. like mine, her fingers
    are red at the tips, but she
    quilts and games. I type.

    (PS. I’ve been over here watching the Pac-10. My little, 7th-in-the-tournament UO Ducks beat Washington last night. Glee!)

  2. haiku 2

    Her hands are gorgeous
    They are exactly like mine
    So long, so slender

    Her ring reminds us
    Of the love she’s always felt
    For our dear father

    They have brought us peace
    They have left us in comfort
    And now we help them

    She is no longer
    Able to do such hard work
    So now we help her

    She has brought such joy
    Immense the darkness and gloom
    She has loved us so

    I wish her aches gone
    I pray her health becomes strong
    All since I love her

    These hands have brought life
    Taught us and loved us always
    The hands of a queen

    Gentle, strong, and brave.

  3. Memories of when
    She held my hand through darkness
    Guiding my way home

    By the way, I’m from Mexico, NY too. Not exactly looking forward to it cooling down once again and freezing all the rain we’ve had today. I missed your visit at Mexico HS a little while ago, which really bummed me out. However, I decided to join that writing contest for my school.

    Anyway, tell me what you think.

  4. My first Haiku

    Tending to patients
    Attentive to grandsons
    Yet not so memorable to me

    not the most enlightening for a first, but in all honesty, i’ve never looked at my moms’ hands. i remember her mom’s hands though. i used to watch her as she baked irish bread without looking at her recipe. she was amazing.


  5. I’m sorry I missed you. If you see me at Daddy Ed’s or the grocery store, please say hi. I love your poem.

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