The word “June” is filled with possibilities. It makes me think of chocolate ice cream dripping down the cone and flip-flops and mosquitoes and sand and slightly overcooked hot dogs.

What does it mean to you?

What emotions does it call up?

Are you looking for something to write? Write a scene that makes the reader feel that emotion… try not to use the word of the emotion at all..

I am going to write now… so should you!

19 Replies to ““June””

  1. I’ll take you up on that, but I will make sure I did that in my story. I need to force myself to do some editing in my story. If I could just finish editing and I can finally mail off my first story!

  2. June means freedom to me. It means that there is no sight of school for the next two months. It means trips to the beach, getting ice cream from the trucks that scurry around the neighborhood every afternoon. It means staying up until all hours of the night with the comfort of knowing that I can sleep in as late as I can the next morning. June reminds me summer birthdays, pools, sprinklers, and sitting out on the porch and reading.

    And whenever I think about the word “June”, I just feel happiness. I know that in June I can relax and just do what I want. =)

  3. June means those cool bugs that are way too easy to catch and throw at unsuspecting friends. But I’m older and more sophisticated now and would never, never do such a thing.

  4. For me it means that all those months of planning for our summer reading program are coming to an end, and our focus now is on implementing all the neat stuff we’ve got planned. They’re both all sorts of fun and hard work, but in different ways. Kickoff is on Sunday, and I can’t believe it’s so soon!

    June also means the start of hurricane season; that’s not so great a feeling.

  5. June signifies another year gone away—my birthday falls toward the end of the month (the ninteenth), and another school year ends.

  6. June is a nice month for me, bad memory tied to the last day of May, but my birthday opens June(it was yesterday) so it’s nice to start a new month happy after a bad end to the prior one.

  7. June to me will mean being alone and busy. My summer has already been planned for me by my family so June also begins the era of no choices. Summer is supposed to be fun but it never seems to be that way for me. At the end of June I will be going to stay with my aunt in a different state so I won’t be able to see my friends until late July. I’m turning 15 in a week and I’m expected to get get my drivers permit before I leave for my aunt’s. I suppose most people would view this as way of freedom but for me it just looks like more pressure. I hope June, and the rest of summer, isn’t as bad as I’m expecting it to be. Maybe it won’t be, I mean, with good CD’s coming out it can’t be all bad.

  8. June=freedom. More time to sleep and write and read. Less structure, forgetting to eat. Town theatre. Skinny-dipping in the river. Skirts. Walking barefoot through the grass. Driving with the windows down and the radio up. Missing friends. Less stress.

  9. Ah. June is filled with contradictions for me. wrote elsewhere and here. I’d write on my knuckles if I didn’t know it would wash off when i did the dishes.

    prompts are wonderful things. after I read your entry, i got an idea for a way to weave my father’s last year into a … well, nevermind. 🙂 It’s a decent idea, and I’m grateful to you for triggering it.

  10. June is stressful.

    It’s the end of the school year, which means saying goodbye to some of my dearest friends as they leave for college, and then the “real world.” Which leaves me with that sinking, anxious feeling that I’ll never see them again, which is totally irrational because I know I will, but still, it’s there, gnawing at my mind all of the time. See, there I go with the anxious thing.

    It signifies finals, which are at the beginning of next week (wish me luck) and all of the stress that goes with that.

    It means that one week of freedom, which stresses me out to make it relaxing, but I usually spend it sleeping, which freaks me out because I should have been doing something.

    But it means the start of Marching Band, which makes me so happy I could burst…it means new friends and old friends and parties and so much fun. It brings music and laughter and scrappy football and the thrill of performing a show in 15 minutes to a stadium full of screaming people.

    June is mixed emotions.

    (Great prompt, by the way! Fabulous!)

  11. A bird soars through the wide, open skies, his mighty wings beating steadily beside him. The snow from the long winter is shaken off from his body by the brisk, warm wind, revealing his true, beautiful form. His beak tilts towards the light of the sun above, and his body casts a shadow on the glistening water beneath him. He flies freely into the world. Into the future. Into hope.

    That is my June.

  12. Thanks for the inspiration. 🙂 I appreciate it!!


    June is safety. It is the high school musical, and the theatre community full of so much love and joy and awesomeness that nothing can stop us from putting on a last great show. It is the feeling of calm that comes over us when the curtain opens, and the release of joy that comes when the curtain falls. It is soaking up applause with wild abandon, because it is all meant for us.

    June is looking backwards. It is yearbooks, and photographs, and last rites, and last days. It is telling your best friends that you love them, over and over and over again, just in case they forgot. It is tallying who you are, and how you’ve changed, and why you love. It is saying goodbye to the best year of your life, because every one you leave behind is the best year, if only because it is over. It is memories of previous Junes. It is one step away from your past.

    June is looking forward. It is summer plans, and summer jobs, and summer trips, and summer boys. It is planning who you’ll be, and you won’t. It is trying to make this summer the best one yet. It is one great leap onward toward your future.

    June is unknown. It is worrying about yourself, about your friends, about your purpose. It is another year done and another year gone. It is counting the days till your best friends leave you, and hoping that they will never will. It is stress of finals and saying goodbye, not knowing who you’ll be when you return, and wondering whether or not you like the person you’ve become.

    June is happiness. It is celebrating your birthday with the ones you love. It is singing on stage, and off stage, and on the last day of school. It is dancing, and laughing, and loving as hard as you can until the year closes, and past that. It is the first beach trip of summer. It is running old friends, and making plans with new. It is the smells of summer, sprung upon you as you enter a room- smells of sun and sweat and sand that take you back and jolt you forward, all at the same time.

    June is bittersweet. It is saying goodbye to a year you’ll never get back, and saying hello to one about to begin. It is feeling older than you are, and younger than you should be, and everywhere in between. It is music, laughter, tears, words, love.

    If years had hearts, June would be pumping blood and emotion. June is where the sweat and tears of our year are counted and tallied and put up for sale, dazzling memories exhibited in this year’s display case. It is the last goodbye, the end, the final bows in the final show, but it also a new beginning, where the understanding of how you’ve changed can launch you into an ocean of opportunity like no other.

  13. June means camping,family, and the end of school.
    The feeling of the hot camp fire buring on your face in the cooler nights and feeling that woozy, dreamy feeling overtake you when you look into the flames. Its the ice cold water of lake michigan and getting knocked over by the somewhat vicious waves. June is being around the crazy side of my family and always having an awsome time (even when they get drunk)Its painting my uncle Brians toenails and making him “pretty” with my aunts make-up then seeing his reaction.
    June is the beginning of a new me. It is a time when I can re-invent myself and somehow make a change for the better for my next year of high school. June is a time to grow.

  14. I love this prompt!!

    June is that orange lovely light that slips through the screen in the morning. June is sparklers and illegal fireworks. June is reading a book in a blue striped hammock shaded from the sun. June is painting the beautiful landscapes with my mom, accentuating the colors, and that rush when a stranger says how lovely it is. June is lightning bugs in a bush on the way to the bay, sandy roads and bare feet. June is a jog down to the beach to see the sunset bleed into the water. June is colorful ice cream and tip jars and tennis. June is people watching, shorts and flip-flops. June is photographs, suncreen, tans and salt water. June is a clear secret pond where you can sit in a tube and float and read. June is bikinis and docks and playing on lifeguard stands. June is sand stuck to my feet and waterskiing. June is lying in the green grass at night and staring up at the pine trees. June is the quickening of the heart. June is when you lie down to sleep and feel like your still being turned by the waves. June is looking at yourself in the mirror, smiling, and really feeling that way. June is sharing one bathroom with seven people at a cottage and travel size toothpaste. June is eating supper outside, burgers on the grill and watermelon from the little fruit stand. June is the happiness of seeing the funny shaped trees when taking an outdoor shower. June is that feeling when your eyes meet with someone elses and they smile. June is the radio beating loud to the rythm of independence. June is the campfires with my friends and cooking all our hotdogs on sticks. June is staying up late and taking walks in the dark. June is so much. I’d better stop.

  15. write..

    There’s a bride sitting at the altar- her hair is up and her veil lays swooped down across her happy face. There’s a groom with his father, tears in his eyes, a future of love and life ahead of him in the next room.

    Outside of the church, a box of puppies tempts the passing people, though the little blonde girl secretly hopes that no one will take them away- for she loves them all so very much.

    Two young loves are driving down the street. The girl throws half of herself out the open window into the light rain that soaks her face.

    There’s a girl standing in a parking lot in a skirt and a tanktop, dancing in the rain… She doesn’t care what anyone thinks, this is her dream, her fairy tale.

    Theres a man on one knee at a fancy french restaraunt called The Mona Lisa, candles blazing all around in a darkened room, he looks up at his beautiful date.

    Theres a girl with her dog, running as fast as she can through the grass…

  16. June = Camping

    My family and I always go camping in June. I love camping.
    June is also the only month of freedom. July is filled with church camps and band camps and all kinds of stuff, and my school band starts preparing for marching season the first Monday in August, so really the only month in summer that I can do absolutely anything I want to is June.
    June’s also great because it’s not as hot yet.

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