Catalyst videos!

It is such an honor and so much fun to watch videos based on my books! Here are two based on Catalyst.

(Why are we thinking about Catalyst right now? It’s anxiety time for high school seniors trying to figure out their paths to college. I send all of you big hugs and virtual cups of chamomile tea.)





Video Sunday

I’m thinking of making Sunday into video day on my blog. What do you think?

Here’s a video that was sent to me by Tony, who is a future English teacher (student teaching this fall) in Pennsylvania. He wrote this song based on SPEAK and the stories of some friends of his who were raped.

If you want to tell Tony what you think about this, go to his YouTube channel:

Three Days

Three days until WINTERGIRLS arrives…

The first fan video!

And the WINTERGIRLS website is up and running. I am waiting for a Family Support information sheet, being written by a woman whose daughter struggled with anorexia, and one of the professionals who worked with their family.

What else does the site need?

What should I remember to pack for the book tour?

Remember to enter the contest before noon (EST) today!

Three days until WINTERGIRLS arrives…