Three Days

Three days until WINTERGIRLS arrives…

The first fan video!

And the WINTERGIRLS website is up and running. I am waiting for a Family Support information sheet, being written by a woman whose daughter struggled with anorexia, and one of the professionals who worked with their family.

What else does the site need?

What should I remember to pack for the book tour?

Remember to enter the contest before noon (EST) today!

Three days until WINTERGIRLS arrives…

5 Replies to “Three Days”

  1. Wintergirls

    That was a really cool video!
    I’m so excited, I cannot wait until Wintergirls comes out!
    I’m going to get it right after school on Thursday!

    You are, in my opinion, the best contemporary author out there!

  2. Who did the video?


    Who did this? I plan on sharing this with teens from South Ward as an example of what I would like to see them do. Very nice!


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