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  1. I think that, as an ex-unhappy person myself, I actually like to read uplifting things. I like to explore certain issues, but I’m a sucker for a happy ending.

    I think when you dwell on unhappiness, it only makes it worse. Fortunately, my own unhappiness was actually based on the fact that I’m Bi-Polar, and not because I’m actually unhappy. In Bi-Polar it’s so strange because you don’t know if you’re really feeling unhappy, or if it’s just the depression making you feel that way.

    I think that society as a whole tends to create negative or harmful ways in dealing with problems or trying to block things out, which in turn creates even more problems, so in the end you end up with two or more problems instead of just the one you started with. Why can’t we ever face up to what’s bugging us? Are we that afraid of confrontation?

  2. Good video. It is always nice to know where an author gets inspiration. Hopefully you can help some of the kids who wrote to you with this book (and others like them).

  3. I really can’t wait to read this.
    It’s going to be amazing. (:
    Any chance you could help me out with the song playing behind the video? It sounded so familiar, but I can’t place it.

  4. Wintergirls came!!!

    My copy arrived today! Yay, Early! Yay. I have eight books to read for review by April 6, but I am reading Wintergirls this weekend. No brainer. I don’t have to defend the procrastination. But if I did, I totally can, b/c I am also taking a graduate course in Children’s Literature and I have to do an author study. The author that I am studying?… Laurie Halse Anderson! So I have been happily rereading Twisted (very popular among my eighth grade boys, btw), Prom, Speak, Fever and Catalyst. Reading Chains and your picture books and your Vet Volunteer series.

    YOU ARE AMAZING. Thank you for all you do.

  5. Thanks for being so candid in this. It opens a door and lets so many know they’re not alone. Plus, writing from such a place adds an authenticity that no one can fake, and it’s that voice of experience that reaches through the lines. That says, “I’ve been there, and there is a way through.”

  6. Reading this book after watching my sister suffer from anorexia and bulimia, I think I now finally understand a little bit better what she went through. Thank you so much for writing it.

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