Mockingjays and chickens love booksellers

I seem to be on a video roll this week. Can’t figure out what’s come over me! But before we go to the tape, I have to share one photo.

     At the Scholastic MOCKINGJAY party. Suzanne Collins gave us a surprise reading of the opening pages and all I have to say is this: order your copy NOW! On-sale date in August 24th!

So here’s a mash-up of last week’s BEA conference and my chicken coop. (The chickens were bored by all the details of the terrific awards luncheon, but you might enjoy it.) For some reason the annotations on the video aren’t working right in LJ, so if you want to read them, go straight to my Youtube channel.

Pout-a-Thon Day 3, with DONUTS

I forgot to pout this morning because I got so caught up in my research! ARGH! Bad self! Bad self!

But then I read a bunch of blogs where everyone wrote all glowy about BEA. Now my lower lip is jutting out again, creating, as my grandfather used to point out, the perfect perch for a bird to land on.

(This made me afraid of birds for a long time. It did not cure my pouting. Thanks, Grandpa.)

If you are in NYC, but are sick of BEA (right) or can’t get in (more likely), you should go to the best bookstore in New York City and ask questions of the smartest and best-read bookseller and maybe score a free donut.


I am headed out to my garden which needs weeding. I also need to sow more veggie seeds and start to cut away the wilderness that is growing up around the berry canes.

For today’s Pout-a-Thon activity, ask me a question in comments. I’ll answer, I promise, as soon as the gardening is done.


BEA Pout-a-Thon Day 2

This is fun! If you have a chance, scroll through yesterday’s comments. Be sure to chime today, telling me how you are pouting because somehow your invitation and plane tickets to BEA got lost in the mail.

We’ll have us a good old communal pout and then write another book.

Here is something to make the wretched, hungry hoards at the Javits Center envious:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cup of coffee in my favorite mug and homemade blueberry muffin!!!

What are you NOT eating at the Javits Center or hotel for breakfast?

To help us all improve our writing (since we’re stuck at home, we might as well use the time wisely) LJ-user mainecharacter passed along a great writing quiz.

What quiz questions about the life of a writer would you add?

This morning I shall both pout and research. This afternoon is filled with family responsibilities; good thing they are used to seeing me pout.

This weekend I am pretending to be at a Q & A panel at BEA. (Delusional? No. It’s a gift for fiction.)

Pretend you are in the audience. What questions do you want to ask? I shall answer!!

::reaches for muffin and passes basket to you::