No, I’m not at BEA. Yes, I’m pouting. Join me?

I have nothing to whine about. I know. I’ve been to BEA (The Mother of All Bookseller/Author Conferences) many times.

And I’ve had a blast.

But like I said, I am NOT whining. I’ve been all over the place the last six months, met awesome booksellers and readers, and it is only fair that my publishers send other authors to enjoy the festival/celebration/frat party/book extravaganza that is BEA.

I am not whining, I swear.

I am pouting.

I can’t help it. There are SO MANY people I would love to hear again (looking at you, Sherman Alexie). I want to eat the frozen pastry at the Children’s Booksellers Breakfast. I want to sprain my ankle on the convention floor. I want to stay up too late and get up to early.


In the best tradition of middle school social dynamics, I have decided to host my OWN party. If you are going to BEA, you are SO not-invited.

The party starts now and goes through the weekend. I am calling it the BEA 09 Pout-a-Thon.

If you are stuck at home, turning that vivid shade of envy-green, consider yourself invited.

How do we make this happen? A couple of things. I think I’ll be making LOTS of little blog posts through the weekend. Chime in the comments section. Pretend that you are having coffee or a glass of cheap wine with me at one of those parties. Ask the questions you’ve always wanted to ask. You might have to ASK LOUDLY, because the room is already filling up and it’s hard to hear ANYTHING!

I’ll also be chattering on my Twitter feed all weekend.

There is on ongoing conversation at Meebo (see below):

There is a BEA Twitty Party going on. Sign up and hit that one, too. Yes, it is much along the lines of my Pout-a-Thon, but trust me, there is more than one party going on BEA, so we need more than one party for us stuck-at-homes.

The dress code is casual, friends. I’ll be wearing pajamas and a sweatshirt.

Will you join me? Tell all your friends, wake the neighbors, and be sure to bring your dogs and cats.

The party starts ………………………. NOW!!!!