Torturing people in the lunch line at the Javits Center

I picked the first crop of lettuce from my garden for today’s salad. Threw in fresh chives, too.

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What are you having for lunch?

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  1. Homemade red sauce beef enchiladas, with organic Jack cheese.

    Then going to take a nap in the middle of the lawn, and write on the stage in the studio while I watch the stormclouds roll in.

  2. And, if anyone responds by saying “but we can get enchiladas at Javits”, I respond, um, NO. Also, these are ACTUAL enchiladas. In Arizona.

    So, yeah, in a lot of ways I’d like to be at BEA, but, y’know, ENCHILADAS.

  3. It finally stopped raining right before I went on my lunch, so I hopped in the (relatively) short Shake Shack line and had a Shackburger and root beer float. Mmmmmmmmmmmm.

  4. Lunch…Oh, right, I need to go have some of that for real now. So far, it kind of turned out to be popcorn.

  5. I made one of my own inventions that I call the goddess sandwich:

    tuna salad made with hickory smoked chnk tuna and Green Goddess dressing
    organic fresh herb salad mix
    cheddar cheese slice
    English muffin

  6. Lunch at the Javitts

    Ha! Skipped it. Your salad looks phenomenal; but I have 36 books to read! My trapezius muscles are in full cramp mode since I unloaded my backpack but I have 36 books to read. And I’m going back tomorrow. My husband is taking me out for dinner and promises a massage. Did I mention that I have 36 books to read? First off – Catching Fire.

  7. your lettuce looks gorgeous! I had a sugo lunch but did grab handful of berries from my garden as an afternoon snack

  8. Not sure either. Maybe something with an avocado or mango. Then it’s back into the pile of papers I’m trying to slodge through. I’m having the ultimate pout- not only am I not at BEA, but I have a huge stack of middle school essays and quizzes that I have to wade through rather then reading or writing for fun. Sigh.

  9. I bonded with the Crepe Cafe Cart, I think I was just brought to insanity by Hunger, it had to be done.

  10. Lettuce

    Your lettuce looks delicious! i am just getting into gardening and was very excited to see this picture! i too want to grow my own lettuce. for now i will start with peonies!

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