Me & My Chainsaw

A couple of weeks ago I tweeted something to the effect that I’d love to see a PSA of a couple making out, then one pushes the sexual boundaries not respecting the partner’s wishes, and that partner whips out a chainsaw to prevent being sexual assaulted.

Graphic? Perhaps. But sexual violence is graphic and damaging. Maybe a graphic image or two might help potential rapists decide not to break the law and hurt people.

Anyway, author Libba Bray liked the idea and said that if I posted a picture of me with my chainsaw, she’d donate to RAINN.

Libba asks, I deliver.


When you live in a forest and heat with a wood stove, the chainsaw is almost as important as the popcorn maker.


This one’s for you, Libba!

If you loved SPEAK, if sexual violence has hurt you or someone you care about, if you are sick to death of rapeculture bullshit and most of all, if you want to be a helper, please donate $10 to RAINN right now. Your gift will help a victim speak up, heal, and become a survivor. Donate before the fundraiser ends and SPEAK publisher Macmillan will double your gift. There are a bunch of cool incentives, too, head to the donation page to check them out.

Speak up, help others speak up, and remember to listen.

Thank you!

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