On Changing the World



When I was a newspaper reporter my editors yelled at me constantly for burying the lead. So here it is:

Our RAINN fundraiser has already exceeded its goal!!!!


As I write this, the total stands at $22,315! Most of those donations have been $10 often given by students or newly graduated young women and men still living on ramen noodles and bad coffee. One very generous donor contributed $5000 for the incentive of having me take her out to lunch.

We have five days left and countless souls to help. It has been so energizing to watch people talk openly about sexual assault, about the need to teach our kids consent, debate how to change rape culture and decide to change the world.

Time for you to join the party. We’ve been waiting for you! Give $10 to help sexual assault victims speak up and heal.

Fight rape with hope. Fight rape with RAINN.

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