Speaking Up About Consent & Helping Others Heal


Today is your last chance to donate to Speak4RAINN!!

Thank you all so much for the donations and support, and for your part in continuing the conversation about how we need to teach our children about consent so that they might be made safer from being hurt by or committing sexual assault.

Thank you for joining our tribe of loud and proud kindred spirits!

Still unsure how how to talk about consent?

A Fearless Sexuality Educator can help.

Everyday Feminism has some ideas, too.

A mom posted her letter to her sons about rape.

The Good Men Project has many helpful tips.

A high school teacher posted The Day I Taught How Not To Rape. It’s worth reading the comments, too.

One last plea…. please give $10 to RAINN right now. For less than the cost of a movie and popcorn, your gift will help a sexual assault victim speak up and begin the journey to becoming a survivor.

Thank you!






One Reply to “Speaking Up About Consent & Helping Others Heal”

  1. Laurie, thank you for lending your voice to such a weighty topic. Your book, Speak, has made quite an impact on my life. It caused me to think, and to even accept some of the challenges I have faced. It was also able to loose my own vocal cords, so that I could speak out about rape and abuse, without fear or shame. Thank you!

    Peace and love,
    Paula R.

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