Life’s Marathon

After the Boston attack yesterday, I didn’t promote the Speak4RAINN campaign. I also turned down a speaking gig last night because the timing felt disrespectful.

This morning the world is back to business, it seems, except for those most directly affected. This is reality, I know. But it makes me sad. I’m stuck between the desire to stop and pay attention, mourn, pray, and the need to “Keep Calm and Carry On.”

Other countries have been dealing with things like this – sometimes daily – for years & years. We Americans are new at this. Uncertain. Unsettled.

I ran the Marine Carps Marathon in 2011. (My first of many, I hope.) Every time I woke up last night I was thinking about that race. There are so many parallels between marathon running & life, marathon running & writing.

At the Marine Corps Marathon, I learned a lot from watching the wounded vets who raced in wheelchairs. Their defiance affirms life at its very best; to live and to live energetically. Enthusiastically. To defy death and the death-bringers and the haters until our last breath. To celebrate for however many days and hours we are graced with.

Which is a long way of saying that I am pushing on to the next mile and the miles after that, and after that.

My job now is to raise money so sexual assault victims get the help & support they need. Plz donate $10 to


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  1. Thanks for showing such respect.

    A friend was there, across the street, and it meant a lot to see all the support on writers’ Twitter feeds and blogs.

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