Save A Boob, Win A Shirt

My daughter Meredith and I are walking in the Susan G. Koman 3-Day, 60-mile walk in Philadelphia in a few weeks. Meredith needs help to complete her fundraising.

Some people don’t want to contribute because in January, the Komen Foundation nearly cut off funding to Planned Parenthood’s Breast Health Services Project, which provides free breast exams to uninsured and underinsured women. When this went public, a furor ensued. I wrote to each member of the Komen Foundation’s Board of Directors. I’ve donated a lot to Komen over the years and I live in a community with thousands and thousands of women who rely on Planned Parenthood for breast health services. If Komen wouldn’t help poor women get breast health care, then I would no longer help Komen.

I was not alone in that sentiment.

Komen rescinded the decision to withdraw funding. They now give as much to Planned Parenthood’ Breast Health Services Project as they did before the uproar. Planned Parenthood received so much in donations as a result of the publicity, they just started a new breast health initiative to expand coverage of breast cancer screenings and education. There was also a shake-up of the leadership at the Komen Foundation.

So I’m still walking. And donating.

If it is in your heart (and budget) to help, I have a deal for you.

Donate at least $30 to Meredith’s walk and I’ll send you a free Mad Woman In The Forest Tee-Shirt.


When you donate, put your name (or a made-up name) that will show up in Honor Roll of Donors on Meredith’s fundraising page. Or take a screenshot of your receipt. Email me either proof of your donation at madwomanintheforest AT gmail DOT com. Please include what size tee-shirt you want, and what your mailing address is. I can’t guarantee the color, but if you want me to sign the shirt, please let me know.

Save a boob, get a shirt. Got it?



4 Replies to “Save A Boob, Win A Shirt”

  1. i can’t wear crew necks but i have 18 boobs in my family so how about i donate $20 and we’ll call it even 🙂

  2. Thank-you sweethearts! Linda and I will be at the Tampa Bay walk the last week-end in October. She walks, I crew. Joyce’s name goes on the “in memory” tent. Mine is there “in honor of”. Thank-you to both of you!

  3. Does Komen still spend hundreds of thousands suing other charities that use the phrase “for the cure”? Here’s a good overview from 2010 if you’re not familiar with the issue: I used to donate to them every year, but quit in 2010. Add the Planned Parenthood snafu, and I have an overall impression of Komen that’s very negative. I wish there were a better option.

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