Simply Sunday Catch-Up

This week’s Simply Saturday comes to you on Sunday. It’s been that kind of week!

 The first piece of news is for anyone who teaches Speak! Victor Malo-Juvera, who has taught Speak for years, researched and wrote his dissertation about how using Speak in the classroom changed his students’ attitudes about rape myths. He has generously written a summary for my website, and allowed me to link to his full dissertation. If you need data to take to your curriculum director or the chair of your English department, Victor has it waiting for you.

   We’ve had a Barred Owl hooting in the Forest this week.

   I prefer to call it a Bard Owl and imagine that it is composing sonnets.



 Sheila May-Stein, the new librarian at Pittsburgh’s Manchester PreK-8 school, was horrified to learn that her library had a grand total of 40 useable fiction books. She is using the power of social media to make sure that her students have the number and kinds of books that they deserve. I’m putting a box of books for them in the mail tomorrow. If you want to donate, send the books to Sheila May-Stein, Library, Pittsburgh Manchester PreK-8, 1612 Manhattan St., Pittsburgh, PA 15233. Even easier, you can order books to be sent directly to the school via Sheila’s Amazon Wish List. A longer blog post gives more information.

 You guys know that I have a very good relationship with my first husband, Greg. He runs a software company that makes patient management software for pediatricians. As part of his company’s charitable mission, Greg coordinates free health clinics in Jamaica, bringing down doctors, nurses, and medicine, and working with local medical teams to take these resources to where they are most needed on the island. Greg made this brief video about this year’s trip that I thought you might enjoy. We’re all very proud of him and the good work that he does.

I’m headed West on Thursday so I can speak to the Arizona English Teachers Association. Will I see you there?

9 Replies to “Simply Sunday Catch-Up”

  1. I love your books and your blog. I adore that you are up to date on common core and how your books can be taught using those standards. You are an English teachers dream author! Thank you so much.

  2. Thank you for sharing Sheila May-Stein’s wish list for books for her school’s empty library. It makes it so much easier to donate! Now, if only the media would take hold of her story…but not everyone supports us educators the way you do! Thanks, Laurie, and happy Sunday!

  3. As a resident of Pittsburgh’s North Side, thank you so much for this awesome post! Our schools are in dire straights here. It is simply wonderful to have you on our side.

  4. Awesome link, and cool pic of the owl. We have what appears to be a family of owls roosting in a maple tree out back. Thought they were juvenile Great Horned Owls, and we were worried about the dog – but have now figured out they are Eastern Screech Owls. 10″ maximum height. Dog is safe. Can’t turn their name into anything literary.

  5. Laurie,

    Thanks for letting us know about the 40 books in the school library in Pittsburgh. I’m sending my newest and a few bookmarks. Sounds, from the original post, that there’s been tremendous support for this effort.

    Safe travels,

  6. Dear Laurie, I read your “Wintergirls” a few weeks ago; actually in the Polish translation, because I have not so far the access to the English original. And I would like to tell you that I am deeply moved and impressed by your book. I am 52 years old and never had any problems with my diet, and I am surprised that this book and its characters became so close to me. I guess this is in such a way because your book gives much more than the account of anorexia. The book refers to many problems which we can experience in life.
    I would like to share with you, Laurie, my fragile feelings with the ending of the book; when Lia is asking Cassie: “What do you miss the most from your life ?” And Cassie is reciting the list of things that she had enjoyed in her life.
    And, Laurie, I am still under the impression when Lia made her decision about rescuing her self, in physical and mental, spiritual meaning.
    Now, I have become a reader of your blog, Laurie. It is a great adventure.
    Thank you, Laurie,

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