I have a question for you

We are doing another website overhaul. The old site has gorgeous visuals, but the navigation has become problematic and the Flash is a headache.

The new site will be a lot easier to figure out and will have more content.

What do you want to see on it?

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  1. what we want on the new website

    Laurie, I enjoy the tips ans hearing about how you find your subjects/topics for the books you write. Since I also write historical fiction, I’d love to read about your research process for the stories.

  2. Links to here, your twitter account and your vlogs on Youtube, just as a reference point. Perhaps also a transcript, or just a written answer to a couple of those questions you’ve answered in vlogs, ones that might come under the term ‘FAQs’ just so we know a little about you as an author and why you love us on here 🙂

    I think info on your books goes as a given, but perhaps any extra things you might like to tell us about them, just a line or something, to make new readers that little bit more interested in them…?

  3. I love the writing process information that you have here on your blog as well as your videos. I enjoy coming back to read all the info and hear what you are working on.

  4. Chains

    Hi, I was just writing to ask when the next book to Chains will be released? Also are you planning on having any of your books translated in other languages such as Spanish?

    Plainfield, IL

  5. From M.Schied

    Definitely links to contact info – Twitter, Facebook, etc. As a teacher, any discussion questions/guides for the books would be nice. I know there are reader’s circle guides, etc., for most of the books, but questions you think are relevant would be great also. Information on the writing process is great for budding writers, too, such as how long it takes, and how you first got published, etc. Thanks so much for being here to give us great literature.

  6. new website

    It would be great to see past issues of your newsletters. I know you have only sent one but if you could archive them on the site somewhere, it would be great for new guests or fans to be caught up to speed.

  7. I LOVE your website the way it is! If you do change it, please leave the book sections. I love everything about them and there are so many ways I, as a teacher, can utilize them (i.e. guides, play lists, poem lists, etc). I don’t know what more people could want, really. You already have links to your Facebook, Twitter, etc. accounts! There are already Teacher’s Guides on there as well. I think people would be able to navigate through it better if they would just give themselves a little time to explore.

    Bridgette Rankin
    7/8 English teacher from Kansas

  8. I’d love to see deleted scenes from the novels. I know you mentioned it in the past before so hopefully it can finally make it onto the site!

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