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  1. I’d never know you were butchering Norwegian. I thought that was pretty convincing, with the accent and everything. :o)

    The Chains cover IS gorgeous! Love it! That’s one thing I’d love about being an author (among many other things of course): having all these copies of my books from different countries lying around the house. At dinner parties I could bring them out and say, “So here’s what I sound like in Swedish!” LOL! Must get on that “write a book” item on my bucket list.

  2. I am Norwegian, and I think your Danish accent is pretty good 🙂
    Danish and Norwegian written language is basically the same – almost.
    I must admit I didn’t understand a lot of what you were reading, but that could be because most Norwegians find Danish to be difficult to understand, just as they can’t understand us. The parts I did understand, though, were pronounced correctly (for the most part), so you should be happy with your attempt at Norwegian ^^

  3. Chains book cover

    I really love the chains book cover, too! The power inside of her that she holds and never lets go and the strength that she dares to show on her face is really amazing. I’s beautful and the girl should play Isabel in th movie…. Hey, there SHOULD be a movie.
    Hapy gardeing! 🙂
    Ariel P. of Ohio
    PS, and no, girls from Ohio do not where undershirts, hence, Speak, page 18, a least not me….mostly

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