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Seriously? Sarah Hale is the answer to your Women’s History month needs.

Ask Bonnie Jacobs.

What else do we have in here,….. ::rummages:: ah, yes! A lovely WINTERGIRLS review from Norway.

And much appreciated nods from state award lists:

Wintergirls is on the Rhode Island Teen Book Award and the Georgia Peach Book Award lists and the New York Public LIbrary Stuff for the Teen Age list.


CHAINS is ALSO on the Rhode Island Teen Book Award list, as well as the Beehive Young Adult list from Utah, and the Pacific Northwest Young Reader’s Choice Award, in the intermediate category.


And if that weren’t enough, THE HAIR OF ZOE FLEEFENBACHER GOES TO SCHOOL is a 2010 National Horace Mann Upstanders Children’s Literature Award Honor Book. Wow!


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  1. Laurie,

    I was up all night “ruminating” as they say over yesterday’s difficult therapy appointment. I’ve literally been up for 24hrs straight now, so please pardon any typos. I read Wintergirls in an effort to calm myself down…I forgot how much I identified with Lia.

    Thank you for giving us girls a voice so maybe, we can learn to stop screaming with our bodies.

    I also found this poem, by Adam Zagajewski, to be particularly suited towards Lia, myself, and other Wintergirls, thawing or not.

    WHERE THE BREATH IS by Adam Zagajewski

    She stands alone onstage
    and has no instruments,

    She lays her palms upon her breast,
    where the breath is born
    and where it dies.

    The palms do not sing,
    nor does the breast.

    What sings is what stays silent.

    Many thanks, especially as I walk along the spring path towards snow melt and thawing,


  2. Ooh, congratulations Laurie!

    I was wondering if in your blog you could tell us writers and readers what your first draft process looks like. I’ve heard you describe it as throwing up onto the page, which made me laugh so hard, but how long does it usually take you and what do you do if you get stuck?

    Thanks! You’re awesome.

  3. the before and the after

    What was your writing life like 2-3 years before SPEAK was under contract? What important lesson(s)did you learn during those years when you were learning the craft, the kind of lessons that you still carry with you today?

  4. Book Award lists

    Great news! Congratulations on the well-deserved honors. Here in Maine we also have the Maine Student Book Award lists every year, and Chains is one of the nominees this current year. We are all enjoying it and at the middle school, Wintergirls is never on the shelf for long.


  5. Twisted

    I would assume they informed you of this, but Twisted is on the Abe Lincoln Award list here in Illinois. :0) -ksteve85 (twitter)

  6. vlog ?s

    I’m interested in the “new writing space ” question for your vlog topic, too.

  7. yay!

    So proud of your Zoe children’s book particularly, haha! I remember looking at the cover back when I was a Scholastic intern (almost a year ago) and thinking, WOW GO LAURIE! Bound to be a hit. Your books are sharp, sweet, and, as far as I can see, flawless. 🙂 You are awesome.

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