Champagne in the Forest

Why are we having champagne so early? Because my assistant Queen Louise has been working here (and vastly improving our lives) for one entire year!!


In addition, we are celebrating the publication of WINTERGIRLS in Australia and Norway (where it is called VINTERJENTER).

A small version of the Australian cover. The picture was painted by a high school girl, which is doubly cool because the face on the US cover is a photo taken by a high school guy in Canada.

Part of the Norwegian cover.  It looks like my Norwegian publisher, Cappelen Damm, is seeking book bloggers. I imagine the ability to read and write in Norwegian is important.

To round out today’s WINTERGIRLS coverage, the Washington Post ran a very nice review of the book last week, it was nominated for the Indies Choice Award, it was named to the 2010 Capitol Choices Noteworthy Books for Children in the (Ages 14 and up category) and was chosen for inclusion in the 2010 Kansas State Reading Circle Catalog (Senior High School) with a starred rating.

Tomorrow’s news…. I sent in my seed order!

5 Replies to “Champagne in the Forest”

  1. break out the bubbly!

    Lots to celebrate there in the forest. ‘Twas lovely to “meet” the Queen via your blog. Louise is, indeed, a gem — lucky you and lucky us that she’s around. Congrats on the continuing awards/reviews, Laurie. — Deborah Sloan

  2. Congratulations!

    Congrats on both having a lovely assistant and of course on the notoriety that Wintergirls is earning. It was a fantastic book; my favorite of yours since Speak. =)
    I am already excited- I have the privilege of listening to you present at the Virginia Hamilton Conference!

  3. Many congratulations. Just wanted to share that my 6th grader has been assigned Chains and her first reaction… “Great! I loved Fever, 1793”.

    I also write hist fiction (first book out this fall) and I can only hope that someday a middle schooler is elated to be required to read my books!

  4. Hi Laurie:

    I just finished Wintergirls Sunday night and the writing is just stunning. I took my time with it, reading several passages over and over and just soaking in the words and the poetry. You are truly a poet and a master of words! Every word is perfect and lyrical and descriptive. Nothing is wasted and everything is beautiful. I am in awe of your talent.


  5. hi 🙂

    i absolutely LOVED this book (like even more than i liked speak — which, by the way, was THE best rape book, ever (words given by my really good friend Laura)) and i am in the middle of reading another of your books. but there is one subject that i have been wanting to see from you (because some of your books use controversial topics) what i REALLY REALLY REALLY want to see is one on LGBT topics/people/person, and even though i don’t know your views on that, me (and definitely others) would LOVE to read about it, if told by an amazing storyteller, like yourself. and i don’t know what your doing right now, whether your elbow deep in other things, or if your just sitting back and chilling out. i don’t really care if i have to wait 20 years for it, i would still be the first person to buy the book. and i know i’m just some weird stranger but if you did write a book like that, it would help millions of lost and lonely children who are just waiting in the dark for even just a small sliver of light. so, please, at least just comment back.

    -from a lost and lonely girl herself, MB

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