Champagne in the Forest

Why are we having champagne so early? Because my assistant Queen Louise has been working here (and vastly improving our lives) for one entire year!!


In addition, we are celebrating the publication of WINTERGIRLS in Australia and Norway (where it is called VINTERJENTER).

A small version of the Australian cover. The picture was painted by a high school girl, which is doubly cool because the face on the US cover is a photo taken by a high school guy in Canada.

Part of the Norwegian cover.  It looks like my Norwegian publisher, Cappelen Damm, is seeking book bloggers. I imagine the ability to read and write in Norwegian is important.

To round out today’s WINTERGIRLS coverage, the Washington Post ran a very nice review of the book last week, it was nominated for the Indies Choice Award, it was named to the 2010 Capitol Choices Noteworthy Books for Children in the (Ages 14 and up category) and was chosen for inclusion in the 2010 Kansas State Reading Circle Catalog (Senior High School) with a starred rating.

Tomorrow’s news…. I sent in my seed order!

Radiohead & a new critter in the forest

Eight Days until WINTERGIRLS comes out…

Today is a radio day. I’ve already taped an interview with Dr. Alvin Jones of WCBQ-WHNC-AM in North Carolina. In a little bit, I’ll be chatting with a radio host out in Napa, CA, Jeff Schectman of KVON. BH has taken the Creature With Fangs out on his errands so my interviews are not compromised by 95-snarling pounds of German Shepherd.

This afternoon I’m headed down to Syracuse to tape an interview for the NPR show, “Here and Now.” When I get air dates, I’ll let you know.

In between the interviews, I’m working on my presentation for the book tour. I bring a digital projector with me, and I’ll be showing a Keynote (Apple presentation software, much better than Powerpoint) show in many of the schools and libraries I’ll be visiting.

We’ve had a new person working here in the Forest for a couple of weeks. Her name is Queen Louise and I can’t figure out how I got along without her. Queen Louise is in charge of keeping me organized and helping me juggle. For example, she went in and created the Author Page on Goodreads for me. She coordinated with Theo the Web God to update my website. And she’ll make sure I am ready on time for this afternoon’s trip down to the radio station. With the Queen by my side, I’ll have more time to write. After the tour.

All Hail Queen Louise!!

Can you come and see me when I’m on tour?

Have you entered the WINTERGIRLS contest yet?

Eight Days until WINTERGIRLS comes out…