Reflecting on a decade

First things first!


All of the creatures in the Forest wish you and yours a healthy and happy New Year!

For me, this has been the most unexpected, exciting decade a person could possibly enjoy. I feel like I’ve lived thirty years in the past ten, and that is a rather cool feeling. But I have been so deep in the work on my new book that I haven’t given much thought to the fact that the decade is closing tonight.

What made me open my eyes?

WINTERGIRLS was named as one of the ten most influential books of the past freaking DECADE by the Chicago Tribune.

I NEVER saw that coming. I am utterly gob-smacked by the notion. (And incredibly grateful that one of my books would even be considered for such a list!) It stopped me in my tracks and made me take a good, hard look at the past decade.

Because you probably don’t want to read all of this, I’ll insert headings.


The most important changes have had to do with my family. My biological kids have grown up into outstanding women. They are by far the best accomplishment of my life, though I can only take a smidgen of credit; they did the hard work of growing up and figuring out how to make their lives rich and rewarding.

Ten years ago I was sorrowful about my fractured marriage. Eight years ago my first husband and I found a way to divorce peacefully. We decided to act like grown-ups and put our kids first. I will forever be blessed that we figured out how to become friends again, and stay family, and celebrate the fact that we both found partners that were right for us.

And then there is Scot; my childhood sweetheart, my Beloved Husband, and the builder of the most awesomest writing cottage in the history of Western literature. More importantly, he gave me two more completely incredible kids, who made space for me and their step-sibs in their hearts. ANDhe gave me the Creature With Fangs.

Did you like any of the books I’ve written since 2003? Then send your appreciation to my husband. He is my entire world.

In my journal ten years ago, I was worrying about the impending death of my mother. Because she was a Yankee hewn from granite, she lasted ten years later than I thought she would. Thank God. This year I was blessed to witness her cross over to the next world, and a few weeks later, my father-in-law. I miss them. We miss them. But it’s all good.


I am an introvert. Some would say a fairly pathological introvert. But for some reason I can’t understand, my life has overflowed with friends who have enriched my life beyond the telling. I consider all of the readers who have reached out to me through email, on a social networking site, through old-fashioned snailmail, or who took the time to meet me at a bookstore I really struggle to make sense of this.I’ll never figure it out, so let me just say thank you.

To all of you.

I am fairly adept at word-spinning, but the only way I can think of to explain how much you mean to me is to put my hand on my heart, bow my head, and say:


::runs downstairs to hang with family and look forward to the next decade::


Yep. The Muse gets whopping heaps of thanks. I show how much I appreciate Her Presence by showing up to write every morning. Sometimes I draw. And I hum a lot.

And so it goes.

I really can’t grok most of what has happened in the past ten years. But I am grateful. Crazy grateful.

I really appreciate all the minutes I’ve been given to love and laugh and make up stories.

Thank you, my friends.

12 Replies to “Reflecting on a decade”

  1. You writing cottage is beautiful – but the story of how it was built is *really* inspirational. Thanks so much for sharing that video with all of us.

  2. What a beautiful decade. Each year is full of ups and downs but if the ups are plentiful and the attitude thankful, it’s been a success and a blessing. I think the same goes for decades. Happy New Year!

  3. Thank you for everything you’ve created, Laurie. Your books have enhanced our lives immensely. I am eternally grateful to you.

    Wishing you a healthy, happy fresh decade!

  4. I wish you continued success through the next decade. May 2010 be the best year yet!
    Happy New Year!

  5. Funny, you don’t really seem all that introverted to me. Must be because my extrovert matches up well?

    I’m so excited to hear your WINTERGIRLS news – and it’s made the final list for YA CYBILS, not that that holds a candle to “best book of a decade”, but still!

  6. Wintergirls

    I just finished Wintergirls and I loved it!! I wrote a review on my live journal yesterday. My poor husband is getting the “I want a writing cottage too!” speech. Have a great New Year and I hope to read more of your books. Chains is my next book in line.

  7. Congrats on Wintergirls! I hope your new year is filled with lots of wonderful things.

    Thanks for the look back. I hadn’t really thought about where my life has been over the past decade. This post got me thinking. =D

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