Working On It

I’ve been thinking a lot about the past decade. Look for a post later today.

How was the last decade for you?

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  1. Personally and professionally, no complaints here: finished my MFA, got married, bought a house, got a dog, had a baby, and sold books for the first time. Sure, the decade came with its requisite share of setbacks, family losses, and challenges, but I think I ended up with a net positive. : )

  2. I trust you’ve heard Wintergirls was listed by the Chicago Tribune as one of the 10 most influential books of the decade. Yay for that. (If you blogged about it, I might have missed it. If you haven’t, you should share the news.)

    This has been an excellent decade for me. I’m happy. And I’m happy to see so many good people getting recognition and success. (You, Deb H., lots of others.)

  3. the best thing that happened to me was founding our local roller derby league. we have so much fun and get to give back to the community! ::Shameless plug::

    smashing into other women can be very therapeutic after a long day at work!

    i did not hear about wintergirls in the chicago tribune, that is great news, congrats!!

    lately, i also keep thinking about Y2K and how silly people acted about it.

  4. The past decade was, for me, all about big changes: Marriage. The birth of two daughters, 17 months apart. Navigating the sometimes stormy waters of the step-parent/step-child relationship. A move to a new city. A new job. Three natural disasters in a six-month period, one of which displaced us from our home for 10 months. But you know what? I’m grateful for the lessons these life-changing lessons brought, and grateful, too, for the perspectives they’ve added to my writing.

    Happy New Year (and new decade) to you and your family! Jeni

  5. This past decade saw me starring in my first play, dealing with 9/11, graduating high school, starting college, meeting and marrying my husband, finding Jesus, renting my first apartment, getting divorced, the death of my grandparents, and having my best friend join the Navy and be stationed in Italy. This is the decade that saw me go from a girl to a woman.

  6. the decade…

    The last decade saw me through 3 different companies to work at; chaos in family realms; finding some incredible artistic mentors who have been more generous with their time than I could ever have hoped for; deciding to stick to writing no matter how long it takes to get published.

    All in all, a good decade 🙂 Look forward to your post! I LOVED “Speak” (read it all in one day, very rare for me) and am almost through “Wintergirls” too.


  7. Much of the last decade was me coming into myself–college, grad school, first jobs. The end of the decade, as for most people, was tough. I’m hoping this next one shapes up well.

  8. Mostly it has been a big pile of shit. There has been some good (mostly small things), and some bad (mostly bigger things). But at least it has been interesting. A decade of hard-core, barely functioning, depression has taught me what is important and what isn’t. And I’ve learned a lot about grace.

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