YAY! NOW we are starting to get winter. I plowed a path to the cottage with my snowshoes and have the fire burning bright in the woodstove.

Off to scribble, scribble, scribble!


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  1. great snow!

    Hi Laurie,

    While we don’t have the beautiful snow and scenery in the forest that you seem to have (great pic!)– it is brrrrrr cold down South and I’m moving toward finishing up a manuscript, so it’s exciting to see the end 🙂

    By the way, I received “Wintergirls” for Christmas this year and finished it this morning. Incredible book! “Prom” and “Twisted” are next on my list, and they came in the stocking too!


  2. Looks lovely &hearts
    we had a great amount of snow this night, too, so now we are living in a winter wonderland (until the plow gets through)

    enjoy your writing and the cozy fireplace :))

  3. We’re snowed in. Today I start writing again after a month-long hiatus. I’m thinking about going to the community room and starting a fire in the fireplace for sheer effect. The fireplace is pretty, but badly designed and all the heat goes up the chimney. Fortunately there’s electric heat in there so we’re not relying on that pretty, useless fireplace.

  4. Off to my placement to finish grading Speak portfolios and prepare for the short-story unit my mentor teacher and I start tomorrow. I think you would enjoy reading some of our students’ comments on Speak. What fascinates me is that some of them love the ending and some do not, often interpreting the same events differently, which I think says more about them than the book itself.

  5. Laurie,

    Beautiful! Happy New Year, may this one have a little less shock and just as much awe.


  6. I have a fire going too, here in north Florida. It is 33 out. No snow. Took the dog for a walk and all three cats came too.Didn’t see nay wildlife, not even a squirrel, so I assume they are trying to keep warm too.
    Love your little cabin.

  7. Laurie, here in Northern Indiana we’ve had constant snow over the past few days. I’m currently grading essays from my Advanced Composition classes but wish I was working on my WIP.

    Have fun scribbling!


  8. I’m just happy to see that I’m not the only winter lover in the world. Everyone else seems to be complaining about the cold, the snow, boo hoo.

    I love it! Bring it on!

  9. We have quite the blizzard howling as I write this; I love it! “Lake effect” (i.e. huge) snowflakes flying sideways and piling up everywhere. Your writing cottage is so lovely. What a wonderful place to cocoon and write. Enjoy!

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