What the WFMAD Day is it? Day 10 maybe?

Thanks to all the kind souls who gently pointed out that I got my days messed up last week. This is August the 10th (June the 71st for some) so we’ve been working on the Write Fifteen Minutes a Day Challenge for ten days now. Only 21 days to go.

I spent all day and half the night Saturday staining the cedar boards for the exterior of my writing cottage. Yesterday, we finally took a fun day at the Sterling Renaissance Festival.

Yes, turkey legs were devoured.

And there was much kissing and making of the merry. Huzzah!


Today’s advice: "
I write in order to attain that feeling of tension relieved and function achieved which a cow enjoys on giving milk. " H.L. Mencken


Today’s prompt: I’m going to give you a magic phrase. Write about whatever that phrase conjures up for either you or a character.

Imagine you (or your character) are alone …. at night. You select the setting. Think about your (character’s) emotional state BEFORE you scroll down to the phrase. Visualize what you are wearing, what is feels to wear that. What can you hear? Smell? Magnify your emotional state, ramp it up. Why are you feeling this way?

Do you have all these details in mind? Has the dog been let out, kids are busy, phone and email are turned off?

Then you can scroll down for your phrase….


Keep scrolling……

Almost there!………….

Magic phrase = HEAT LIGHTNING


12 Replies to “What the WFMAD Day is it? Day 10 maybe?”

  1. I don’t eat turkey myself (I am bit odd that way), but I was always a fan of the apple dumplings there. And the mead. Ahhh, good times.

  2. Great prompt.

    We were there two weeks ago, and there *was* much merry made and general huzzahing, as well as henna tattoos and warhorse rides and throwing tomatoes at the guys in the stocks. Such a great Faire. We go every year.

  3. this made me laugh — I mention heat lightning in my debut, which just sold to Delacorte. I’ll put up the teaser on my blog.


  4. You totally rock! One of my WIP’s is about a girl who works in the summer at a ren faire!! And I open you blog and there you are!

    One more day down!


  5. What, no full-length pictures? I want to see the entire costume!

    I haven’t been using the prompts. I love them, and may return to them in the future, but right now I’m on a roll on my WIP. I spent most of my writing time today visualising and describing two key locations. I hadn’t really taken the time to figure out what they were like, and I think that was making things more difficult. Also wrote some, uh, crap on the chapter I was working on, but the chapter just did not want to be written (and may eventually have to be cut–we’ll see).

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