WFMAD Day 8 – Daring to dream big

Thank you, Chicago Tribune, for the lovely review of The Hair of Zoe Fleefenbacher Goes to School!

I’m off on an adventure this morning, one that will absolutely stoke my dreams. What are you doing to feed your dreams this month?


Today’s advice:
You won’t do it, unless you dream it first.


Today’s prompt: There are two parts to this one. Indulge yourself and write for more than fifteen minutes!

Part 1: What crazy, ridiculous huge life-changing thing would you do if you were guaranteed it would be successful?

Part 2: What crazy, ridiculous huge life-changing thing would your character do if s/he were guaranteed it would be successful? What fear is holding her/him back from trying? Show the tension between the character’s dream and fear in a scene with a person who brings out the worst in your character.


7 Replies to “WFMAD Day 8 – Daring to dream big”

  1. This sounds like a fun one. I’m jumping back on the wagon!

    Also, I think you might be a day off. You had two WFMAD day sevens, and today is August 9th but it says WFMAD day 8. Maybe not? Just wondering.

  2. I am looking forward to turning off my computer and grabbing my writer’s notebook to do this prompt. I hadn’t realized that you wrote a children’s book. My daughter is starting first grade in two weeks, so I would love to read your book with her. I will have to add it to my wishlist. Congratulations on the review.

  3. Wasn’t quite as prolific today. Kept forgetting to keep track of how long I was writing but I’m sure, from the word count, that I got in more than 15 minutes. In a bit of a pain flare, which also makes my brain fuzzy and writing harder. Still, forced some words down, which is good.

  4. 609 words today.

    Thirty minutes again – got started on this one and didn’t look back. I could go for another hour on this scene, and I’m not even sure it will make its way into my WIP.

    It’s a good background scene, helping me to understand my MC in a portion of her life that the WIP won’t focus on, but that is important to work my way through so I know who my MC is now. It, and yesterday’s writing, can be found here for those who want to read.

  5. Stoking Dreams…

    Hey Laurie,

    First of all congrats on the neat review of Zoe in the CT! (that book is on my list of next to buy on Amazon)
    Ok-I must ask, “What adventure did art thou partake yesterday to stoke one’s dream?”

    I have had a life interruption(?) of a loved one’s passing (a dear friend from cancer, 62yrs. young)who has inspired me, (and most certainly guiding me from above!)to sit my butt down and write a story (actually diaries) about being a real cowgirl when I was 13yrs old. sent away because I was a “problem” teenager(?)I was always just trying to express myself, what can I say…CYA

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