Contest winners & Bob the Builder

We have winners!!!!

Last night Queen Louise ordered her squires to participate in the Official Drawing of the Names. They dutifully complied.

drum roll……..

The winners of custom WINTERGIRLS laptop (or phone) skins are:
Jennifer Forgotten!
Mindi Scott!
Tressa Korson!
Kara Huck!

You’ll be receiving an email from Queen Louise with the details about what happens next so we can get the skin to you. Thanks to everyone for participating!!

Bob the Builder showed up to the cottage project yesterday.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic He brought a very large machine.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic He plucked out the tree stumps from the site, then added a couple tons of dirt and tamped it down. (Notice the last, lingering snowbank.) Next up: a mason comes next week to form up the forms (I think that’s the right way to describe it) so the concrete slab can be poured.

I’ve been receiving early sightings of copies of WINTERGIRLS on sale already. Since I’m not J.K. Rowling, booksellers are not compelled to hold the book to the release date. If you see it, buy it!

If you see it, you could also take a picture of you standing in the store with the book. Send it to laurie AT writerlady DOT com.

March Madness News!!! Since my Georgetown Hoyas are not in the NCAA tournament this year, ::weeps::, I am supporting Syracuse University. For the third year running, Sarah Dessen and I have our bet going; if her team (North Carolina) goes farther than mine, I will send a signed copy of my new book to her public library. If my team goes farther, Sarah sends her book up here.

Haven’t had time to do my brackets yet. I think I’ll do that on the plane Thursday.

12 Replies to “Contest winners & Bob the Builder”

  1. I’m a poor college student, thus, I am going to put your new book on reserve at the library! I am excited to read it 🙂
    Also, you are friends with Sarah Dessen?? That is so beyond cool. I just checked out her book “This Lullabye” from the library yesterday.
    Pretty neat that two great authors are friends !!

  2. Ok, thanks. Could you let me know when it’s due out please? Thank you. I’m about to borrow the information from the Wintergirls discussion card you sent me to get some ideas for a book discussion I have to do for an interview. I shall make sure to plug Wintergirls while I’m doing this session for my interview!

  3. Ok cool, thanks a heap Laurie. Now I’m going to have to scour every bookstore in the greater Dallas/Ft Worth metroplex for your book. I already checked B&N. Borders maybe? What else is there? Wal-mart or Target?

  4. Ummmm… technically, it’s not due out until Thursday. I don’t think you’ll have any problem finding a copy then.

  5. Not out yet!

    I so need to order another half dozen or so books for my classroom…darn kids keep swiping my books and reading them all…but can’t stand waiting until Wintergirls is out. Argh! The anticipation!!!

  6. I am so behind. I am finally getting around to reading Twisted, because although I mentioned it before my birthday and Christmas, someone has just bought me a copy. I’m pretty stoked. Plus I feel like now might be a particularly good time for me to read it anyway.

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