10 Replies to “First of three WINTERGIRLS videos”

  1. Apparently Oswego NY is only about 3 and a half hours away….hmmmmm…Wonder if I could come up with a homeschooling reason to go to Oswego? Never saw that particular Great Lake before…..geography lesson? It is actually fairly tempting……

  2. AWESOME trailer. The way the words get faster is really powerful. I can’t wait for Wintergirls—I’m gone absolutely gobble it up as soon as I get it!!!!

  3. Buying early copies of book

    Hi Ms. Anderson, I love your books! At my local bookstore, Wintergirls is already on the shelves. I really, really, really want to buy a copy, but I heard that buying copies before the release date hurts the author’s sales numbers.

    Is that true, or is it okay for me to buy a copy now?

    Thanks, and again, I love your books!


  4. I’m so excited about Wintergirls :).

    Is it going to be released in the UK? I had it preordered on Amazon, but they don’t seem to be selling it any more :S.

  5. Someone has probably asked this already, but…..is the girl on the cover a real girl? I must say, I think she looks a bit like you Laurie.

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