House of Penguin

Yesterday was Penguin Day.

This is the fun part of being an author; meeting my new publicist, Allison.

Videotaped some online publicity pieces.

Best part of the day: meeting with 8th graders from the Little Red School House and hearing their comments on WINTERGIRLS. (More on this tomorrow.)

We had a party back at the House of Penguin with a cake that looked like the book and I got to say thank you to everyone, especially my editor Joy and the talented team who came up with the WINTERGIRLS cover and interior design.

There was a bunch of meetings and a dinner and I crashed into bed. Off now for another meeting and then to the airport.

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  1. I once sent something off to Penguin UK, but they never replied to me. Most the other publishers did, though. Which leaves me to conclude that Penguin in this country (UK) live off the 19th bloodline. How sad. It’s not like all of us like Jane Austen. Gah! I’m glad Penguin US have more sense and are more fun. Good for you.

  2. Wow, looks like fun. Though I imagine I will have to write a few more Penguin books to get my own cake. Hope it was as rich and nourishing as the real book!

  3. Chains and the future


    Will the arc of the story that begins in Chains reach all the way to the 21st century? I can picture the constancy of war and armed conflict and the battle for civil rights leading right up to the recent election.

    Scotia John

  4. That third picture is fabulous, by the way.

    And I sort of had to double-take at that cake. That is an impressive piece of pastry right there.

  5. What a beautiful cake! (Isn’t there something ironic about a Wintergirls cake? :-))

    The nice Penguin people offered me an ARC when I was admiring Wintergirls at IRA–very much looking forward to reading it!

  6. What a cake!

    Wow, that cake is amazing! How did it taste. I cannot wait til Wintergirls comes out. My copy is pre-ordered. Yay. I received the discussion questions in the mail today. Thanks. You’re the best.

  7. Hi, just wanted to say that I finished my ARC of Wintergirls today and it was amazing. With every book of yours I read, I get more and more inspired to write about my own experiences. Thank you for writing.

  8. Hey!!

    Hey ever thouhgt about coming to southwest florida?
    Specifically naples!! 🙂
    Please because i would love to meet you in person

    Kaylyn (i realy need to make an acount)

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